“The Milky Way” is closed in the TV tower | Business

“The Milky Way” is closed in the TV tower | Business
“The Milky Way” is closed in the TV tower | Business

The bar is currently undergoing final installation work. After them, the repair will move to the restaurant “Paukščių takas” below. In this way, the aim is to ensure that at least one gastronomy space operates in the Television Tower.

“Soon, we will invite visitors to the fully equipped 2 new floors above the Paukščių takas restaurant.” 333 sq.m. will be located at a height of 170 m (67 a.). m. bistro-bar “Toliai”, from which you will enter the 620 sq. m. outdoor terrace. On the 68th floor above it, the “Debesys” meeting hall with a rest area will be installed. After opening the new floors, the reconstruction will move to the “Paukščiai tako” restaurant and the spaces of the TV tower below it,” we read on the TV tower’s page.

During the reconstruction of the Milky Way, not only the rotating platform will be renewed, but also the windows will be replaced. The interior will also be renovated and the restaurant will become modern, meeting the needs of today’s visitors.

The new space has already settled and will soon invite visitors to the 65th floor (if we compare it with apartment buildings). From here visitors will have an impressive 360° panorama, and in summer it will be possible to go out to the open terrace. The bistro-bar will offer a snack during the day, and in the evening you can enjoy snacks and bar offers. The space will also be adapted for personal celebrations and business events. A 3×2 m LED screen will be installed here, there will be a separate exit to the outdoor terrace and the possibility to choose dishes from an individual banquet menu.

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