while the examination is in progress, there is one more important step to take

while the examination is in progress, there is one more important step to take
while the examination is in progress, there is one more important step to take

April 10 is the end of the 3-month detention, which was intended immediately after the arrest of G. Filipavičius in January, when “Aro” officers caught him in his own garage in Kaunas, on Technikos street. A child abducted at a bus stop was also found there, who, according to forensic experts, was kept in the garage for more than two days.

Therefore, a decision should be made this week or early next week on the extension of the remand.

Prosecutor Mindaugas Sabaitis, who is in charge of the investigation, informed the news portal lrytas.lt on Tuesday that the request to the court for the extension of the detention has not yet been submitted – a decision should be made on this in the near future.

Portal lrytas.lt as far as we know, the Kaunian will probably continue to be offered detention for the longest allowed period, 3 months.

Stay in a psychiatric institution during the examination is counted towards the time of arrest.

The suspect is already in the hands of psychiatrists

In the case of abduction of a child, an inpatient psychiatric examination was ordered for G. Filipavičius on February 28, and it was assigned to the Utena expert department of the State Court Psychiatry Service.

However, he did not end up in a psychiatric institution immediately from Kaunas prison – there are considerable queues for examinations.

Prosecutor M. Sabaitis confirmed to the portal lrytas.lt on Tuesday that G. Filpavičius has already been taken to psychiatrists.

Expertise, including drawing up conclusions, may last more than a month.

Next week, the arrest should be formally extended, although G. Filipavičius will not be present at the Kaunas district court when this issue is being considered – his lawyer will attend the hearing.

The two most realistic paths are prison or hospital

Where G. Filipavičius will be kept will depend on the conclusions of the examination.

If the experts admit that the Kaunas citizen was aware of his actions during the incriminated crime, in other words, he is accused, he will be returned to Kaunas prison, where he will be held until the verdict is announced.

However, if a contrary decision was made, he would remain in a psychiatric institution until the end of the court proceedings, and then the court would order him involuntary treatment, most likely in the same specialized institution.

Mr. Filipavičius is facing not only a criminal case for the kidnapping of a minor, but also three administrative cases for breach of public order, brought after he rampaged with an excavator in the Karmėlava forest in the summer of 2023, trying to run over local residents who protested against illegal works.

In one of the administrative cases, it has already been decided to impose a monetary fine on him, and the other two are still pending in court.

It is suspected that there were more victims

The girl was abducted on January 7, before 5 p.m., while waiting for a bus stop on Chemijos street. The attacker, who drove up in a car, pushed her into the car. He was not familiar with his victim.

After the public was actively involved in the search, and the police performed their duties professionally, the child was quickly found and freed from the clutches of the kidnapper. It happened on January 9, just before midnight.

The little girl was cold – her body temperature had dropped below normal.

The girl was treated for some time in Kaunas clinics, and then discharged home.

According to criminologists, G. Filipavičius carefully prepared for the crime. The officers were shocked by the environment of the garage and the items found in it.

At first, it was believed that there could be more than one victim of the kidnapper, but so far the authorities have not commented on whether they managed to collect enough evidence to substantiate these suspicions.

He admitted the guilt

During the interrogation, G. Filipavičius basically admitted his guilt for the kidnapping of the 9-year-old girl, but did not testify, did not tell the details of the crime he was accused of.

Before the start of one of the court hearings, he also admitted to journalists that he had committed a serious crime – at that time, the man from Kaunas said incoherently that he did not want to kidnap the child, that it happened “accidentally”.

In addition to the kidnapping, G. Filipavičius is charged with two other criminal acts, which officials have not named for the sake of protecting the minor’s rights and the success of the investigation.

The pre-trial investigation is currently ongoing.

It was famous in a strange way

G. Filipavičius, who founded his company, was engaged in the car repair business, had a service station in the array of garages located in the Eiguliai micro-district of Kaunas, and had purchased about 10 garages in various parts of the city.

The man from Kaunas, who has a strange and closed manner and has no family, was previously punished dozens of times for violations of environmental requirements, public order and other types of violations.

People who knew the man from Kaunas, who shocked the public, said that he had installed a swimming pool and a running track in one of his garages. People noticed his stinginess and quirks. It is said that he even fixed his own teeth.

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