The fundraising campaign for children with oncological diseases exceeded all expectations

The fundraising campaign for children with oncological diseases exceeded all expectations
The fundraising campaign for children with oncological diseases exceeded all expectations

McDonald’s charitable activity exceeded its initial goal and, having collected more than 27,000 euros for the development of the rehabilitation center of the Mothers’ Union, became an extraordinary example of generosity and solidarity. This year’s campaign ended the year as the highest fundraising McHappy Day charity. The collected donations and the new rehabilitation center will allow specialists to take more comprehensive care of children fighting with oncological diseases.

A campaign that brings change

In Lithuania, about 100 children are diagnosed with oncological diseases every year. They and their family members have to overcome a long and difficult path through the stages of treatment, and for more than 15 years, the charity and support fund “Māmu Unija” has been helping to facilitate this path, which annually supports about 300 children and their families. Occupational therapy is extremely important for children diagnosed with cancer, which helps them return to their normal life and makes their daily life easier.

Justina Žukauskienė, head of the charity and support fund “Mamau unija” notices that the charity actions initiated by the “McDonald’s” restaurant chain in recent years, to which the guests of this restaurant chain willingly contribute, are noticeably changing the Family House of the “Mamau unijas” foundation.

“In a short time, a living room was installed where families can stay, a much-needed playground was created, which the children are very happy with, and this year we also opened one of the most important rooms in the rehabilitation center to help children recover.” Basic rehabilitation services are often not enough for children who have overcome oncological diseases, but not every family can afford to extend them privately. Now we have an occupational therapy office that meets all the requirements, where one of the most needed specialists will work for these children. This will make it possible to ensure comprehensive help for children after long-term treatment”, comments J. Žukauskienė.

“We are happy with our long-term partnership with Mothers’ Union and, together with McDonald’s visitors, we support children suffering from oncological diseases and their families. Our goal is more accessible and convenient healthcare services. It’s nice to see how the Mothers’ Union Family House changes over the years, and to contribute to those changes. Last year we installed an outdoor playground, and this year we exceeded expectations by raising even more funds for the occupational therapy room than we had planned. Occupational therapy specialists help improve the quality of life of sick children and provide them with the skills necessary for their daily activities,” says Vladimir Janevski, CEO of McDonald’s in the Baltic States.

Each child has its own therapeutic program

Eglė Pašnik, the head of the rehabilitation center of the “Mamau unijas” notes that the larger than planned amount collected made it possible to purchase more equipment for the occupational therapy office, which will be very useful.

“Additional equipment allows for the creation of personalized therapeutic programs tailored to each child’s unique needs and abilities.” Incorporating the latest technology and creative tools promotes emotional survival and self-confidence. This is especially important in reducing stress and giving the child opportunities to express themselves. Thanks to the new equipment, we can create interesting and motivating therapeutic tasks. This not only helps the child to actively participate, but also allows him to experience positive sensations”, says E. Pašnik.

The head of the rehabilitation center emphasizes the importance of occupational therapy in improving the quality of life of sick children and developing skills important in everyday life. “The therapy becomes a gentle companion for any child facing a cancer diagnosis and additional support for the family. Activities create an environment that allows the child to revive his physical and emotional abilities. They not only overcome challenges, but also find joy in everyday activities”, says E. Pašnik.

McDonald’s charity campaign “McHappy Day” has been held in Lithuania since 2001. During the campaign held a year ago, together with restaurant visitors, funds were collected for the installation of a children’s playground at the “Mamau unijas” Family House. This long-term partnership continues to demonstrate the power of collective action to create positive change and a better future for children who need it most.

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