Norne Securities insights are now available to Ignitis Group retail investors

Norne Securities insights are now available to Ignitis Group retail investors
Norne Securities insights are now available to Ignitis Group retail investors

“Ignitis Group” informs that “Norne Securities”, a Norwegian investment bank that provides securities analysis, brokerage and trading services in shares and funds, added the Group to the list of analyzed companies and published an initial report at the group’s request. “Ignitis grupė” is the first issuer from Lithuania whose analysis was performed by “Norne Securities”.

The report includes insights into the group’s performance, potential, forecast and valuation. In addition to the initial report, Norne Securities will publish quarterly updates. All reports will be publicly available on the Ignitis Group website on the website.

“Since our initial public offering in 2020, mainly due to the growing number of retail investors, our number of shareholders has more than tripled, and currently exceeds 20,000. Being the largest issuer in the Baltic States and having the trust of a rapidly increasing number of retail investors, we aim to provide them with even more quality and objective information about the Group’s results and outlook. We also hope that the analyzes carried out by the Scandinavian company will increase the interest of institutional investors in the region in the Group”, says Jonas Rimavičius, member of the Group’s board and head of finance.

You can read the original report, along with recommendations and forecasts from other capital markets analysts who follow Ignitis Group here.

Legal notice:

The group’s commissioned reports provide high-quality analysis while maintaining objectivity and professionalism. Because the reports are available to all market participants, they contribute to market education, especially for retail investors. Analyst reports are prepared based on publicly available information and are presented for informational purposes only. They should not be used or relied upon as an investment recommendation for trading in the Group’s securities. Investors themselves take responsibility for investment decisions.

The report was published by: Laura Beganskienė, UAB “Ignitis grupė službiu centras”

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