200 calories a day, fluids, starvation diets and tears at the mirror

200 calories a day, fluids, starvation diets and tears at the mirror
200 calories a day, fluids, starvation diets and tears at the mirror

This Thursday evening, at 8 p.m., on the LNK program “Bučiujo. Rūta” – open confessions about what famous women had to go through in order to lose weight and how Mindaugas from Klaipėda managed to lose over 100 kilograms.

“The worst thing is to hate yourself,” Erika Vitulskienė, the wife of the famous singer Merūnas, openly admits. The woman says that she has been struggling with weight almost all her life.

“My weight fluctuates 35 kg up and down like a roller coaster. The most I have weighed is 110 kg. There was also a time when I was very thin, but because of that, I only ate half a plate of salad and drank five cups of coffee a day for half a year,” says Erika about the suffering of losing weight, adding that after such a diet, the worst thing is with my head.

“All I could see were calories. Imagine picking up a glass of water from the table and stressing about how many calories the water has. I calculated how many calories a berry had and how many of those berries I could eat, how many calories a lettuce leaf had, and so on. I carried a scale in my purse and weighed all the food. 600 calories per day was the maximum that could be eaten. It’s impossible to live like this, it’s nonsense and insane suffering,” says Erika Vitulskienė, the founder of the fashion house of her name.

Another guest of the show, performer and journalist Sandra Žutautienė says that she understands Erika very well: “There was a time when I allowed myself to consume only 200 calories. You cut off a quarter of a banana, eat a cucumber, an egg and that’s it, nothing else is possible. After such a diet, I fainted and even ended up in the hospital. I also went on a fasting, liquid diet where I only drank soup liquid and all kinds of liquid drinks for 30 days. I lost 15 kg, but in just two months everything came back in abundance.”

Sandra’s weight, like Erika’s, also constantly jumps – it’s plus 15 kg, it’s minus 15 kg. After divorcing her husband, a famous woman felt that she was drowning her sad emotions by eating and thus gained almost 40 kg in three months.

“I remember when I had to make a new outfit for work and the seamstress noticed that I had changed a lot. She measured my chest and waist and the measurements were the same – 138 cm. I had a shock,” recalls Sandra.

After some time, the woman weighed herself after finding a scale at her friend’s house. They showed as much as 105 kg.

“My self-esteem was at rock bottom, but when I saw those numbers, I still went to the fridge and had a good meal. I ate like this for several days until my weight reached 107 kg. I stood in front of the mirror, cried, looked at myself and said out loud – I hate you. When I said this to myself, only then did I realize that I had to do something,” says Sandra, who has now lost 50 kilograms.

Perhaps the most impressive change was demonstrated by another participant of the show, Mindaugas Salys from Klaipėda. At the age of 20-30, Mindaugas weighed 210 kg. “I ate everything: 4-5 zeppelins, mixed foods, fatty meat, baguette, fried bread, I drank beer, the evening snack was the two largest packets of chips and 2 liters of lemonade,” says Mindaugas about his diet.

The man decided to lose weight when he got a job in the environmental protection inspectorate and needed to catch poachers: “Imagine how I, weighing 210 kg, would catch up and catch a fleeing poacher?” No way. The new job became my motivation.” The man lost more than 100 kg in three years, is now preparing for fitness competitions and intends to become a trainer.

And here is Erika Vitulskienė, after suffering for a long time due to her weight, today she says that she has decided to just be happy. “For me, losing weight is a disaster and a constant self-flagellation. I hated myself even after losing weight. And now I’m on the path to psychological peace, I thank my body that it endures stress and allows me to move and live. When I wake up in the morning, the first phrase I say to myself is: thank you that I’m not sick, thank you that I can hear, see, touch, feel”, – this Thursday evening, at 20:00, on the LNK program “Bučiuju. Rūta” will be told by Erika Vitulskienė.

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