Online Inventory Management and Ordering Software: What Is It and Who Is It For?


Part of the business management system

Online inventory management and ordering software is a part of business management systems that can often be called a supply chain management system.

This business management system software is designed for a variety of companies, from small and medium-sized businesses to large multinational corporations, that have inventory and order management needs. It is often used in manufacturing companies as well as in the trade, logistics, warehousing and supply chain sectors.

“One of the most important tasks in retail is supply chain management. This includes ordering goods, ordering from a supplier, delivering goods, leasing, selling to customers. This whole process needs to be ensured so that the goods are ordered on time and those goods are always on the shelves, but there are not too many of them, because if you order too much, we will just conserve the money in the warehouse or on the store shelves. If we order too little, they will be sold out and an empty shelf will remain, we will not earn from those goods that could have been sold every day. Well, it’s also a matter of prestige – if the shelf is empty, a person leaves the store, where he expected to find the right product, disappointed. It is the online inventory management and ordering software that solves all these problems of excess or shortage of goods. With the help of the program, goods are delivered to retail outlets on time and in the right quantities” – Giedrius Židonis, representative of the company “Dineta”, which develops systems for business, usually presents the advantages of the program.

The specialist emphasizes that the orders are automated, that is, the program calculates how many and what kind of goods are needed, evaluating the sales history.

“It’s like an element of artificial intelligence,” says G. Židonis.


From inventory management to data analysis

The main functions of an online inventory management and ordering software are inventory and order management, supply chain management, and data analysis and forecasting.

The program allows you to monitor and manage inventory levels, categorize and identify inventory, successfully plan transfers and changes between warehouses, and manage inventory levels as needed.

It helps you manage orders, supply schedules, order flow, receive timely notifications about order status and deliveries.

The program ensures good quality supply, automatically generates orders, facilitates supply chain processes and ensures a smooth flow of materials from suppliers to the end user.

This application can also generate reports, analyze data, offer forecasts and optimize inventory and order management processes.

All of this helps organizations manage their supply chain more efficiently, reduce wasted time and resources, improve customer service, reduce inventory costs and avoid lost sales due to shortages.

If it is difficult to decide which program to choose, it is best to combine it with other available programs. For example, one of the most flexible business management systems is DINETA.erp, which combines several applications dedicated to business and able to function independently, i.e. online accounting software DINETA.web, cash register software DINETA.pos, supply chain management system DINETA.retail and BI tool ( business analytics) Having selected one part of the system, you can easily combine it with another program in the future.

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