33.5 million for the modernization of Inukalno gas storage. Euro investments

33.5 million for the modernization of Inukalno gas storage. Euro investments
33.5 million for the modernization of Inukalno gas storage. Euro investments

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Conexus Baltic Grid, the Latvian national natural gas transportation and storage operator, plans to invest 33.5 million in the improvement of the underground gas storage facility in Inukaln. Eur.

Uldis Barisas, the head of the company, emphasized that the storage modernization project has been underway for several years, which, among other things, aims to increase the flexibility of its use, allowing gas to be pumped in both directions throughout the year with one main task.

The project is scheduled to be completed by the end of 2025, the total amount of investments will reach 99.5 million. EUR, ij 44 million. EUR will be financed by the CEF fund of the European Union.

In 2023, the financial turnover of Conexus Baltic Grid grew by 39% to 76 million. EUR, profit 42% to 19 million. Eur.

68.46% of Conexus Baltic Grid shares are owned by the state mon Augstsprieguma Tikls, 29.06% by the Japanese investment and trade corporation Marubeni fund MM Capital Infrastructure Fund 1, 2.48% by minority shareholders.

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