French electronic stars “M83” are coming to Lithuania this summer

French electronic stars “M83” are coming to Lithuania this summer
French electronic stars “M83” are coming to Lithuania this summer

June 7 “M83” will visit Sigulda Castle in Latvia for the first time and on June 8 will end their stay in the largest cultural heritage object in the Baltic States in Vilnius – Lukiški prison, where such concerts are increasingly being held. An open-air performance, a live documentary, a bit of fiction and a journey through time and space. A summer kicking off with Phoenix and M83 just can’t be bad, according to a press release.

Anthony Gonzalez, the brains, arms and legs of M83 and one of the most important people in today’s electronic music, has finally marked the Lithuanian capital in his concert plans. It’s still hard to believe, but in June we’ll be hearing Midnight City, Wait, Reunion, We Own The Sky and M83’s music live. Another very relevant name in the world of music, known for twenty years and having earned its place on more than one list, suitable for epithets and praise. M83’s music has influenced more than one generation of artists, soundtracked many good films and commercials, and has become the soundtrack of our lives.

About M83

There are many good things to say about the M83. What a sound, how much pleasure. And the fulfillment of dreams, and nostalgia, and discoveries. When listening to M83, there’s only one thought in my head – the perfect soundtrack when you no longer know who you are or where it’s going to take you. They last a hell of a long time in the memory. They are brutally good live. Combining synth pop melodies and shoegaze into one world where Anthony Gonzalez plays with nostalgia and our feelings, M83 have become one of the most influential bands in their genre in the world. It would be safe to say that their music is perfect for the big screen. To see them live means to feel in another dimension for at least a couple of hours, to get out of yourself and forget all your everyday problems.

The soul of M83, Gonzalez grew up in Antibes, France. As a child, he dreamed of becoming a professional footballer (his grandfather was a striker who played for France in the 1966 World Cup), but he discovered music when he suffered a leg injury as a teenager. Anthony’s parents gave him a guitar and together with his friend Nicolas Fromageau he founded his first band “My Violent Wish”. After discovering synthesizers, they recorded the first version of the demo album, signed a contract with a record company, and thus began the beautiful journey of M83.

M83’s second effort Dead Cities, Red Seas & Lost Ghost opened a new musical page for France. The duo has won critical acclaim and been praised for bringing a new and fresh sound to the electronic world. Simply put, the M83 managed to turn synthesizers into the ultimate source of nostalgia and emotion.

After this album, the M83 line-up changed a bit, but Gonzalez continued to bake album after album – Before the Dawn Heals Us, Digital Shades, Vol.1, Saturdays = Youth and many other great records. Today, M83’s music catalog is extremely varied and deserves serious listening. An interesting detail – “M83” once warmed up “Kings of Leon”, “The Killers” and “Depeche Mode”. They made the perfect album, Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming, which celebrated its ten-year anniversary last year. Anthony Gonzalez was nominated for a Grammy Award for this work. M83 was then discovered by the whole world, and his work has been featured in countless films and commercials. An almost one and a half hour recording that intoxicates, takes you out of this world and allows you to believe in music and your dreams again.

Listening to this album leaves you with the feeling that you have just returned from a wonderful trip. The images that come to mind while listening cannot be just a figment of the imagination. Anthony Gonzalez’s music goes far beyond our speakers, taking us through an incredibly rich and detailed world of sound, while allowing us to explore it for ourselves. You can’t just listen to M83’s music, we all live in it. They don’t act, they play from the heart. They could do this even on Mars.

Gonzalez’s music and productions have been featured in perfume, car and other commercials, the films Warm Bodies, Divergent and Insurgent, Gossip Girl, The Vampire Diaries and the soundtrack for Oblivion ” with Tom Cruise and even the music for Cirque De Soleil’s Volta tour. Nine Inch Nails and his childhood hero Jean Michel Jarre worked on his albums. Gonzalez’s resume and accomplishments are so broad and numerous that it’s difficult to list them all.

It’s still hard to say what kind of performance M83 will bring us. We are hoping and waiting for a new album. M83 lives in silence for now and does not show any activity on social networks. We will not be surprised, even if Anthony Gonzalez starts talking about his European tour only after the New Year. At least that’s what his team informed “8 Days A Week”. His last album “DSVII” came out back in 2019, so it seems that the time has come for a new work and live experience from M83. Let’s wait and see. Euphoria, nostalgia, joy, tears and the will to live forever intertwine as Gonzalez takes the stage and showcases the majesty of guitars, drums and synthesizers with the band. Next June in Sigulda and Vilnius will be wonderful and unforgettable.

Hurry up, it looks like we’re really dreaming.

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