In the Kaunas photography gallery – Aleksanders Macijauskas’s look at Veterinary clinics


From April 5 The exhibition “Gyventi” by Aleksandrs Macijauskas will be open in the Kaunas photography gallery. It is planned that a meeting with one of the most important representatives of the Lithuanian school of photography will take place in the gallery soon.

A. Macijauskas was born in 1938. In Kaunas, his work is deeply rooted in the city’s history and culture. His early experiences in both the conflicted urban and harsh rural environments greatly influenced his versatile work. Aleksandras Macijauskas for many years (until 2009) headed the Kaunas branch of the Lithuanian Union of Photographic Artists and founded the Kaunas School of Photography, shaping future generations of photographers. He is valued for his great influence on the development of Lithuanian photography.

A. Macijauskas. Kaunas veterinary clinics, 1989

Macijauskas’ unique style, characterized by dynamic compositions and modern aesthetics, earned him international recognition. His works have been exhibited alongside world photography legends in Brussels, Venice, the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art and other major museums and festivals around the world. In his acclaimed series “Village Markets”, “Veterinarijos Klinikos”, Macijauskas conveys the essence of Lithuanian culture, combining modernity with traditions and giving his objects a dramatic, Macijausian theatricality. According to dr. Tomas Pabedinskas A. Macijauskas gave the Lithuanian humanist worldview roughness, tension, conflict, open irony, and a thoughtful meaning. Drama is born from the duality of Macijauskas’ photographs. In the best works of the author, the peculiarities of the form of photographs turn reality into an unusual spectacle, allowing the photographer to create an artistic image, the meaning of which opens beyond the visual document of reality and the obvious content. Macijauskas not only conveys the tension of the captured moment, but also shows our whole life as a grotesque, constantly repeating drama as the circle of life turns.

A. Macijauskas. Kaunas veterinary clinics, 1978
A. Macijauskas. Kaunas veterinary clinics, 1986
A. Macijauskas. Kaunas veterinary clinics, 1981
A. Macijauskas. Kaunas veterinary clinics, 1980

His contribution to photography emphasizes the power of art to transcend cultural and political boundaries, thereby confirming the global significance of the Lithuanian photographic tradition. A. Macijauskas remains an important figure in the world of photography, famous for his innovative approach and dedication to documenting the human condition and relationships.

The works exhibited in the exhibition of Aleksandrs Macijauskas are from the series “Veterinary Clinics” (1977-1984). The exhibition will be open until May 5.

Exhibition curator Gintaras Česonis

Exhibition architect Donatas Stankevičius

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