Siaurukas invites you to meet at the Kaunas city festival

Siaurukas invites you to meet at the Kaunas city festival
Siaurukas invites you to meet at the Kaunas city festival

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VšĮ “Aukštaitijos siaurasis geležinkelis” invites all Lithuanian residents and guests to meet in Kaunas, which is celebrating its 615th birthday, on May 26-28.

“In order to spread the word about the unique and exceptional object of Lithuanian cultural heritage, Siaurukas, this year we are participating in various city celebrations and exhibitions. We participated in the Book Fair in Vilnius, we are planning to participate in the Sea Festival in Klaipėda, the Capital Days in Vilnius, the Panevėžys city festival, and now we invite you to meet in Kaunas and get acquainted with the unique object of Lithuanian cultural heritage – the Aukštaitija Narrows. During the celebration, we will present our publications, tell about the history of Siaurus and our current activities”, says the director of VšĮ “Aukštaitijas siaurasis geležinkelis”, dr. Darius Liutikas.

The Panevėžys Development Agency is participating in the birthday of the city of Kaunas. During the three-day fiesta of festive events “Santaka”, tourism streets are organized, where the joint stand of the Development Agency of Siauruk and Panevėžys will be located, which will present the city and district of Panevėžys, the available tourism potential, tourism news and unique objects and services.

According to D. Liutikos, a survey of public opinion conducted in the fall of last year showed that almost a third of the respondents said they did not know anything about Siaurukas in Aukštaitija.

“The Kaunas city festival is a great opportunity for us to introduce ourselves to those who have not heard anything about us, and it is also a great opportunity for everyone to learn about our trips, organized holidays, and other tourist services,” says the director of VšĮ “Aukštaitijas siaurasis geležinkelis”.

An ancient steam locomotive model will invite you to take a photo at the Siauruk stand, it will also be possible to purchase unique collectible sets of Siauruk postcards, the book “Siauruk Adventures”, various paraphernalia of the Siauruk, as well as to learn more about the history of this unique object, which is included in the list of Lithuanian cultural heritage values, about the regular and short trips organized by Siauruk, educational, familiarization, holiday, entertainment or charter trips, carriage services with a sauna and hot tub, to familiarize yourself with the routes of Siauruk, the prices of the services provided.

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