Lithuanians shopping online expect free delivery and return of goods

Lithuanians shopping online expect free delivery and return of goods
Lithuanians shopping online expect free delivery and return of goods

Residents of Lithuania are more active than residents of neighboring countries in searching for attractive product offers on the Internet, and the final decision on a new purchase is greatly influenced by the reviews of other buyers on social media. These trends were revealed by the latest study commissioned by the international parcel delivery group Geopost, which also owns DPD Lietuva.

“Lithuanians who shop in the electronic space keep up with global trends and are ahead of their neighbors in some aspects: we are skilled internet users who can use this space to search for the most attractive prices as well as detailed information about the product”, – says Gabrielius Bilevičius, Head of Sales and Marketing for the Baltic States of “DPD Lietuva”.

Want free shipping and returns

in 2023 In the United States of America (USA), a survey conducted by revealed that searching for goods online and shopping in this space has already become the norm: 99.5 percent. buyers look for attractive product offers on the Internet from time to time, and 87 percent it is constantly being done online.

In a study conducted by “Geopost”, it became clear that Lithuanian residents follow global trends most actively – 71 percent. regular buyers regularly search for attractive offers on the Internet (when this is relevant for 62 percent of Latvian and 55 percent of Estonian residents).

18-70 year olds are called regular buyers. persons who shop online at least once a month. 45 percent regularly shop online. Latvia, 42 percent. Estonia and an average of 48 percent. residents of European countries.

Buyers from all three Baltic countries named free product delivery as the most important criterion when buying online, and a detailed product description was also emphasized. The residents of Lithuania were the only ones among the Baltic countries to name the possibility of returning the product free of charge as one of the most important criteria.

“Buyers want not to incur additional costs related to the delivery or return of the product and want to save their time, so convenient and smooth delivery of the product is important to them. It is vitally important for online sellers to take these criteria into account if they want to grow a loyal customer,” e. commercial expert G. Bilevičius.

The influence of reviews is getting stronger

Residents of all three countries named bad customer reviews of the product on social media as the top three reasons that discourage them from shopping. 41% named bad reviews as the most discouraging criterion. Lithuania and Latvia and 30 percent. Estonian population who regularly shop online.

The same tendency is confirmed by global trends: according to, the decision of US buyers whether to purchase a previously unknown product is most influenced by the reviews of other buyers about the purchase – this factor was cited as the most important by 74 percent. buyers. 99.75 percent 91 percent read customer reviews about products at least occasionally. does it regularly or often.

“It is noticeable that the higher the value of the product, the more different reviews about the product are read – it is understandable that buyers want to take less risk when purchasing a more expensive purchase and aim to make sure both the security of the transaction and the quality of the product,” says DPD Lietuva’s marketing manager in the Baltics countries.

The study was carried out in 2023 by order of the international parcel delivery group Geopost, which also owns DPD Lietuva. May 31 – July 19, during which more than 24 thousand people were interviewed. European residents from 22 different countries. In Lithuania, 804 residents were surveyed, of which 399 residents use social media.

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