People from Russia are flocking to Kazakhstan

People from Russia are flocking to Kazakhstan
People from Russia are flocking to Kazakhstan

“Extreme control of the situation” is underway, the statement said. Earlier, the South Caucasus countries of Armenia and Sakartvel also reported mass arrivals of Russian citizens. All flights are booked many days in advance, many Russians flee by car. These destinations are particularly popular because Russians do not need visas to enter these countries. In addition, many of their residents speak Russian.

Many Russians are fleeing to avoid being drafted into the war in Ukraine. Vladimir Putin wants to mobilize 300 thousand reservists. This caused panic in many Russian families.

Kazakhstan’s foreign ministry has appealed to the humanity of its citizens and urged them to adhere to moral principles amid rising living costs and pressure on the country’s real estate market.

“We trust that our citizens will be wise and remain faithful to the traditions of hospitality,” the ministry said in a statement, adding that the country’s infrastructure and service sector are capable of coping with the challenges of migration.

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