He named the consequences of the attack near Moscow: V. Putin is preparing the ground

He named the consequences of the attack near Moscow: V. Putin is preparing the ground
He named the consequences of the attack near Moscow: V. Putin is preparing the ground

The interlocutors of the news radio show “Dienos kistas” Klaipėda University political scientist Gabrielė Burbulytė-Tsiskarišvili and Vytautas Magnus University political scientist Ignas Kalpokas discussed who they are trying to blame, how V. Putin allowed this act of terror to happen in Moscow and what consequences it will have for the war in Ukraine and the West.

“We have heard warnings from the US that the Islamic State may carry out terrorist attacks, and citizens have been urged to avoid public places. Maybe this was allowed to happen precisely after the elections, when the deterioration of V. Putin’s image is no longer so significant”, VMU political scientist I. Kalpokas analyzed the events in Moscow.

As political scientist Gabrielė Burbulytė-Tsiskarišvili stated, it may become clear only later whether V. Putin specifically allowed the terrorist act to take place. However, it usually became clear after certain major events.

After the attack on the shopping and music complex Crocus City Hall, many wondered how Ukraine was involved in all of this. According to I. Kalpok, “despite the fact that the “Islamic State” took responsibility, all the arrested are citizens of Asian countries, but Ukraine had to be involved in this in some way. So now that scenario of fleeing to Ukraine is very widely manipulated.”

Also, the political scientist adds: if this terrorist act was allowed to happen, which would not be very strange, knowing the Russian special services’ penchant for scaring the Russian people by blowing up houses in Ukraine, etc., perhaps the purpose of the terrorist act was to invent a way to blame Ukraine and thereby legitimize it general mobilization.

“Realistically, one could have guessed that, regardless of the facts, the Kremlin would link this attack to Ukraine. In addition to the fact that the services did not react for a long time, everyone who observed the event admits,” said Gabrielė Burbulytė-Tsiskarišvili.

Political scientist Gabriele Burbulytė-Tsiskarišvili urges us to look at what happened: Moscow was closed, inspections took place, and the security regime was strengthened. Perhaps the Kremlin had an opportunity to deal with the inconvenient oppositionists in this way.

According to Gabriele Burbulytė-Tsiskarišvili, we observe this in the context of each event, e.g. in the case of A. Navalno’s death, etc. So this is one way for the Kremlin to deal with the opposition. Every event is a pretext to carry out various inspections, to deal with people who are inconvenient to the regime.

There is speculation in the public space about how the events in Moscow can change the regime, whether the consequences of the terrorist attack will affect the war in Ukraine.

“Undoubtedly, V. Putin will play the flag of mobilization. It’s one thing to point the blame, which was mentioned. Not only Ukraine is involved, but also the West. Such a conspiracy against Russia is named, that is, attention is diverted”, – what V. Putin will do, analyzed I. Kalpokas.

According to the political scientist, everything in Russia will be used to justify the Kremlin’s policy. The key question is whether an escalation of the war is a realistic scenario as Russia sees what is happening to the US over aid to Ukraine.

There is a desire to strengthen their capabilities on the war front, according to U. Kalpok, and in addition, this is a certain preparation of the ground for aggressive actions outside of Ukraine.

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