The EU’s plan is astounding: a film festival is being held in Moscow

The EU’s plan is astounding: a film festival is being held in Moscow
The EU’s plan is astounding: a film festival is being held in Moscow

During the festival, 2022 which did not take place due to the war, November 1-15 21 films from EU countries, including Germany, France, Spain, Italy, the Czech Republic and Luxembourg, will be shown online mostly for free, the EU delegation in Russia said.

Even in the difficult context of Russia’s war against Ukraine, the EU wants to show that European-Russian relations can continue, EU Ambassador to Russia Roland Galharague said in Moscow.

According to him, the EU has stopped cooperation with the Russian government because of the war, but this should not reflect on the Russian people. “Cinema unites people,” a diplomat told selected guests in a Moscow cinema. “Russian culture and art are also a source of enrichment for European cinema,” said the EU ambassador.

Two co-production films in which Russia participated in the creation will also be shown.

Many Russian artists have left their homeland because they can no longer work freely in a country where Western culture is officially demonized. Filmmakers in particular have repeatedly complained about censorship by the Russian Ministry of Culture, for example by refusing to issue licenses for the distribution of films in cinemas.

Slogans about freedom and human rights flashed on the screen during the festival launch event held in Moscow. Some guests at the unannounced screening spoke of the atmosphere of intimidation and fear that permeated the entire Russian society.

Films, including documentaries, will be shown on the Coolplay online cinema platform in their original language with subtitles. Access without prior registration is only available to viewers in Russia or to people abroad who have access to a VPN, an EU diplomat said in Moscow. According to him, some of the films have been screened at European and international film festivals and received favorable reviews from both critics and audiences.

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