Who will be the first to employ robots: Mercedes or Tesla?

Who will be the first to employ robots: Mercedes or Tesla?
Who will be the first to employ robots: Mercedes or Tesla?

These robots will not collect cars, they will do the most difficult, routine work that humans do not want to do. It will be physically demanding work, which does not require special qualifications – to carry certain parts for which it is impossible to use conveyors.

It is becoming increasingly difficult for the Mercedes concern to find employees for such positions, as unskilled work means low wages. Robots have stepped in to solve this problem.

Apptronik announced in a statement that the humanoid robots working at Mercedes will be used for commercial purposes for the first time. Externally, Apollo resembles a man, his height is 170 cm, he weighs 73 kg. The robot can carry loads up to 25 kg.

We want to teach them how to carry some parts and put them on the conveyor, while at the same time they can check if they are of good quality. Mercedes hopes to get rid of a constant headache in this way.

There is a shortage of unskilled workers, and more and more often it was necessary to ask skilled workers who receive much higher wages to do this work. In addition, it will avoid for a while the modernization and full automation of older factories, which would be much more expensive than buying a few humanoid robots.

Two years ago, Tesla also announced the use of humanoids in factories, but then Elon Musk said that they would build robots themselves. They showed the first copy, they showed the second, already improved, but no one has seen how they work. So who will be first, Mercedes or Tesla?

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