“It’s not my fault, the environment is to blame”: how the impeachment of Roland Paks really happened

“It’s not my fault, the environment is to blame”: how the impeachment of Roland Paks really happened
“It’s not my fault, the environment is to blame”: how the impeachment of Roland Paks really happened

For the next few months, R. Paksas will furiously say that he will not resign from his post because he did not violate the Constitution and the oath, and the accusations are just a way for the frightened elite to remove him from power. People closest to R. Paks will be convinced that what is happening is a revenge action by the elite for not signing the sales contract for Mažeikių Nafta.

Politicians supporting the impeachment will cite terrible accusations against the president: R. Paksas grossly violated the Constitution of the Republic of Lithuania and broke his oath with three actions.

Lithuanian citizens are divided: some are ashamed that R. Paksas is the president, while others are already preparing to judge Artūras Paulauskas, prof. Vytautas Landsbergis and the then director of the Department of State Security, Mečis Laurinkas.

The Seimas, which on April 6, 2004, impeached the president prematurely, will mark the end of the history of the presidency of R. Paks.

There is no shortage of interesting details in the history of the impeachment of R. Paks: a dramatic quarrel with conservatives, an election campaign that went down in history, friendship with a psychic who treated people by wrapping them in toilet paper, scandalous VSD material, which Lithuania learned about when journalist Edmundis Jakilaičius overheard a conversation in the toilet. And where is the impeachment process itself and the Russian citizen, millionaire Yurij Borisov, who became the ditcher of R. Paks’s political career. He called the president a “political corpse”.

Delphi documentary “President of Hearts. Impeached” describes in detail the rise of R. Paks to the political Olympus and the scandalous fall.

During the creation of the documentary “Delfi”, he spent a lot of time in the archives of the Seimas and got acquainted with the documents that were marked “Secret” at the time of the impeachment. About 100 hours of footage recorded by presidential cameraman Romualdas Kuprys during the presidency of R. Paks was also viewed. In the documentary, you will see authentic images and the most interesting moments that you managed to forget, or maybe you never even knew about.

The documentary’s creative team:

  • Vytautė Merkytė – director;
  • Aleksandras Zaikinas – editing director;
  • Kirilas Chachovskis – cameraman;
  • Robert Narmont – cameraman;
  • Rinats Chairulinas – cameraman;
  • Modestas Dubininkas is a video graphic designer.

Delfi thanks LRT and TV3 for providing archival material. We would also like to thank the Chancellery of the President of the Republic of Lithuania for providing the archival material recorded by cameraman Romualdas Kuprys.

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