What the most powerful Land Rover Defender in history looks like | Business

What the most powerful Land Rover Defender in history looks like | Business
What the most powerful Land Rover Defender in history looks like | Business

The new Defender flagship will be the strongest, most powerful and most luxurious model of this brand.

Defender has always been synonymous with exceptional capabilities on any road surface. Its bloodline can be traced back to the 1948 Series 1 model. With dramatic looks, innovative technology and unparalleled attention to detail, the new Defender OCTA takes things to the next level. Its impressive performance and the developers’ bold new approach to driving will allow our customers to experience epic adventures surrounded by greater luxury,” said Defender CEO Mark Cameron.

The Defender OCTA’s mild hybrid power system with a twin-turbo V8 petrol engine and class-leading 6D Dynamics air suspension will provide exceptional performance on a wide variety of surfaces.

Thanks to the 6D Dynamics suspension, used for the first time on a Defender model, it will be possible to experience an unparalleled feeling of power, comfort and peace of mind both on and off-road. The hydraulic technology of the 6D Dynamics chassis, which connects different nodes, is distinguished by an innovative system for controlling the car’s lateral and longitudinal movements of the center of gravity. It will allow the Defender OCTA body to maintain an almost even position during acceleration, braking or cornering, and will also maximize independent wheel travel and articulation on the most difficult off-road sections.

The new OCTA name is inspired by the shape of the diamond octahedron, which is sure to add even more luxury to the car. Diamond is the hardest naturally occurring material on Earth and is famous for its rarity.

The new Defender flagship is symbolized by the diamond graphic surrounding it. It includes a number of components on both the exterior and interior of the car, including a gleaming black diamond on a sandblasted titanium disc. The disk is fixed on the side of the car, on the “Signature Graphic” plate typical of Defender models. Titanium was also chosen for its strength and resistance to natural environmental influences.
The Defender OCTA name and its signature graphics speak of the car’s strength, resilience and desirability. All this inspires and highlights the car’s solidity and luxury qualities, which are also characteristic of diamonds. The new signature graphics are particularly significant as they will be seen for the first time on the Defender model and will be the identifying mark of all Defender flagships in the future,” added M. Cameron.

Currently, the Defender OCTA is entering the most difficult stage of production – final tests in extremely difficult conditions: driving on snow and ice in Sweden, carving the sands of the Dubai desert, flying on the legendary Nurburgring circuit and climbing the rocks of Moab.

Ahead of the new model’s main launch later this year, potential customers will be invited to attend a series of exclusive Defender Elements events around the world.

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