The spurt continues: 15min is the only news portal that grew in March | Business


Last month 15 minutes an average of 433,280 people read each day. According to this parameter 15 minutes is the undisputed portal no. 2. From the leading news portal Delfi 15 minutes just 47,000 daily users behind, the smallest difference ever between the two portals, according to Gemius data.

March data according to Gemius

Portal for two days in March 15 minutes was the most read news portal (on March 9 and 22). According to Vaidotas Beniushis, the portal’s manager. editor, it shows that readers are increasingly appreciative 15 minutes content.

“I am glad that the work of our journalists brings a real change in society, and readers appreciate it. In March, we received several good signs that we have shaken off the malaise in environmental protection and energy projects,” says 15 minutes man editor Vaidotas Beniushis.

March data according to Gemius

Portal 15 minutes belongs to the Lithuanian capital company UAB “15min”. The company also owns the print magazines “Žmones”, “Legendos” and “Ji”. UAB “BNS” is a subsidiary of UAB “15min”, which owns the BNS news agency of the same name, which is the largest in Lithuania.

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