Naglis Shulia’s Great April Horoscope: Here’s What’s Awaiting You

Naglis Shulia’s Great April Horoscope: Here’s What’s Awaiting You
Naglis Shulia’s Great April Horoscope: Here’s What’s Awaiting You

The first event is a solar eclipse on April 8. 9 p.m. 22 min. will pass the Sun, that is, the exact New Moon will occur and at the same time a solar eclipse will occur. Like the previous lunar eclipse, we won’t be able to see it, but it will be well visible in the eastern Pacific, North and Central America, and the western Atlantic.

The path of the total eclipse will begin near the Hawaiian Islands, continue through the territory of Mexico, cross the US border at the border of the state of Texas and, passing right through Washington and New York, will stretch towards Canada’s Labrador Peninsula. Hence, it is precisely those regions and cities that will be affected by the eclipse first, so political and economic events should be observed there first of all.

The invisible blackout will probably not have a major impact on life in Lithuania, but it is likely that citizens who are spiritually and mentally unstable by nature or for some other reason may be a little more nervous and a little more irritable – with all the consequences for all of us and our lives.

Immediately after the solar eclipse, already on April 10. In Pisces, the faster moving Mars will catch up and overtake the slower moving Saturn. Both planets in the sign of Pisces are far from the strongest, but the time of their meeting in one place is important. Mars is struggle, Saturn is persistence, so Mars + Saturn = persistent struggle in a certain area or place for about a two-year cycle.

It should be noted here that on April 8 the eclipse will take place in Aries, and Mars is the ruler of Aries, so there is a connection between the two events. It should also be noted that both Mars and Saturn are malefic planets, so if there are problems at that time, they can be for a period of about two years.

The third event of the month is the meeting of Jupiter and Uranus in the sign of Taurus. Jupiter is a surge of strength, optimism and the ability to boldly move forward, Uranus is a new look at existing things, ingenuity and creativity, Taurus is practicality. Therefore, Jupiter + Uranus in Taurus = positive decisions in the economy and finance. There would be a cycle of about 12 years.

The guardian and manager of business life, Mercury will move backwards in the sign of Aries (retrograde phase) for most of the month, so it is difficult to expect great business activity, there will probably not be a breakthrough in finding new solutions either, but usual and well-known jobs will do well. Mercury will move forward again only on April 25, which means that success in business matters will return only in May.

Venus will move forward with great speed. At the beginning of the month, it will be at the end of the Pisces sign, on April 5. will enter Aries, and on April 29 will move to Taurus. In other words, she will be in three Zodiac signs in one month! Of course, most of the time she will be in the sign of Aries. Being here, she is not subtle and artistic, but she tries to be efficient. Figuratively speaking, this is the time when silicone wins over artistry and good taste.


In April, you will be energetic and active, especially in areas that are important to you personally. It will be more difficult to manage business affairs, there may be many small problems. April is also a great month to nurture feelings and everything related to them. Success will accompany those whose activities are related to the creation of beauty and comfort. At the end of the month, the understanding that personal recognition is very great will begin to emerge and strengthen, but what you can have and earn in practice is also important. And efforts will gradually begin to move in this direction.


Most of the month will pass quietly, as if waiting for something. In fact, it is a time when it is convenient to rest more and longer, spend time with yourself, take time for yourself and the like. It’s a good time to think about future plans. However, under this cloak of calm, energy can accumulate, which will break out with new ideas and new activities, which can be really large-scale. However, if life does not require new feats to be performed, energy will begin to increase at the end of the month. Then the work that is important to you personally will move forward.


There will be no great inspiration to push somewhere or fight for something for most of the month, but it will be quite good to do something that is already well known and usual. The very beginning of the month can be difficult in the field of profession. But if you wisely wait for the first ten days of the month, you can later enjoy a smoothly increasing pace of work. Collective activities can be important – together with close friends it will not only be easy to come up with fun things, but also to implement many of them in practice. Success will accompany those who are united by the creation of beauty.


There can be a lot of friction at work, in the field of profession. However, in cases where precision, diligence and attention will be needed, things can turn out to be difficult, but when a creative approach is needed, everything will go smoothly. Success is likely to accompany those whose professional activities involve the creation of beauty, entertainment or hospitality. Circumstances related to travel will ask for patience in the first half of the month. Later, everything will go more and more smoothly. At the end of the month, close friends will offer fun, interesting activities. Or you will offer and they will engage.


You will be energetic, active and in a great mood. However, where, to whom, to what purpose this energy will be directed for a long time will not be very clear, because in the business field, usual work and affairs will prevail, and at home, too, the usual order. On the other hand, April will be a great time for a spring trip, perhaps you will be able to take advantage of this opportunity – resting, getting pleasant experiences would be the best. The end of the month will show that the rest time is over, because the number of tasks at work, in the field of profession, will increase. They are likely to be fun, asking for a creative approach.


There will be no rush to rush somewhere, but the need to pause more often, for longer, to think about what is important will be quite evident. In fact, sometimes it will seem that important things seem to be passing by, and in such moments, the desire to find an activity will be born that will make the heart beat faster. It is not a bad time to manage some monetary and property matters, especially if they are related to debts or loans. Personal relationships with some people will also be important – they may seem hopeless at the beginning of the month, but later they will start to get better and better.


April is a time when a lot will depend not on your wishes, but on the outside, external circumstances or the will and actions of other people. That side can be quite active, not always infallible, but still tends to impose its own rhythm. There are two options before you: either fight this force (most likely it will be pointless), or jump on this wave and see where it takes you. It can be not only interesting, but even useful. At the end of the month, the circumstances will start to change, you will feel freer, easier, you will have greater freedom of maneuver.


The middle of spring is a time when there will be many small, but quite important works, matters that will need to be done patiently and dutifully. On the other hand, there should not be any major obstacles, so in the end it will be possible to do not so little. At the same time, April is a time when it is convenient to take care of health and wellness matters – both for yourself and not necessarily for yourself. Opportunities to have fun will increase in the second half of the month, and at the end of it, personal relationships and connections will be pleasing.


It is very likely that this month will be extremely sweet and fun. This is because there will be many opportunities to have fun, to do something cute and fun. Of course, the inner state will agree to this. Inspiration and success will accompany those whose activities involve the creation of beauty, amenities, entertainment or hospitality. There will be no shortage of inspiration to create all this for yourself and the people important to you. There may be difficulties, unfavorable, inconvenient circumstances at home until the middle of the month, then everything will be easier. The end of the month will suggest paying attention to your health and wellness matters.


It is likely that a lot of time, attention and effort will be directed towards home, housing or family matters. Activities in this area will be quite vigorous, especially when personal creativity is needed. There will be a lack of smoothness for all kinds of bureaucratic matters, but it will be really great to do things so that the house is even cozier and even more beautiful. It is advisable to move, especially to drive, following all the rules until the middle of the month, then the risk will decrease, and the freedom and ease of movement will increase. The end of the month will show that a very cheerful period is approaching.


April will bring a lot of movement and a lot of communication. It will be difficult to talk about business topics, to search for necessary knowledge and information – there may be a number of small, but annoying problems. However, meeting with friends, talking about general or personal topics will be the best. It’s a great time to broaden your cultural horizons. It will not be strange if the circle of new acquaintances increases. In April, there may be money matters – not very smooth in the first half of the month, at least in the second – more and more successful. At the end of the month, there will be more activities at home as well.


Physical strength can be difficult. The first two weeks can be difficult, you will lack strength, you will often have to force yourself to do something. Later, things will improve, you will recover, you will have more and more strength, the opportunities to do something useful will also increase. In addition, there may be money matters throughout the month, the circumstances will develop in such a way that it will be necessary to assess the opportunities to obtain tangible benefits. It is likely to succeed very often. The very end of the month will give you more opportunities to meet friends, communicate, move and expand your horizons in areas important to you.

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