He told us why the customers are sent: the smile of the sellers also falls

He told us why the customers are sent: the smile of the sellers also falls
He told us why the customers are sent: the smile of the sellers also falls

The service staff are said to be subjected to psychological abuse. Working in the service sector is becoming increasingly unsafe. What is the true reality?

This was discussed in the LNK report with “Iki” communication manager Vaida Budriene.

– What is there to see, what is the situation?

– You have to see all kinds of situations, but you have to understand that you go to the store every day with different moods. There are different customers.

– What are the most common reasons why customers are dissatisfied?

– It is important to mention that there are only a minority of such customers who are angered by someone. The biggest observation is that customers care about the store, because customers are regulars, residents of the district or town, who go to the same store. They are concerned that some product is not placed there, it is dirty, or the salesperson did not smile properly. There are various everyday situations. Maybe it’s good that they express their positions and let us stretch.

The entire LNK report is in the video:

– How do employees react?

– We have training on how to control yourself in conflict situations. The most important thing is to resolve the conflict peacefully. Sometimes you just need to talk to the client, explain the situation, why it is one way and not another. There are often discussions about prices or promotions. You need to explain simply, smile kindly and resolve the conflict. If the conflict is more serious, then the store administration is invited and it resolves the conflict. Every year, she also learns how to communicate with various clients. Most of the time we don’t have situations where we need to call the police. Most conflicts are resolved. If it happens that we cannot resolve the conflict, then it is suggested that the customer write a complaint. Then other elements come into play: law, communication. Sometimes conflicts are really serious. Then the police are called.

– Is the mindset that the customer is always right still prevails?

– He is always right. We only work for clients, because they are our foundation.

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