“A plan to attack the Baltic states is on Putin’s desk.” What’s going on



“Russia has such a scenario.”

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Lukashenka called on Belarusians to prepare for war. Before that, appearing at the border with Lithuania in a military uniform, he spoke about the Suwalki corridor. Are his words to be taken seriously? Or is it the Russian Information-Psychological Special Operation (IPSO)?

Charter97.org talked about it with Ukrainian political scientist Petro Oleshchuk.

“It doesn’t bother each other. At this stage it is clear that this is a Russian IPSO, primarily to raise the stakes again. Lukashenka is a very convenient instrument for such a bet, because he appears to be a sovereign ruler, but on the other hand, he is completely dependent on the Russian Federation.

Putin can always broadcast various threats through him. If something fails, he can always say that it is Lukashenka’s personal initiative and Russia has nothing to do with it.

This is quite an old scheme, but if the Russian leadership really decides to launch any military operation against NATO countries, then I am 90% sure that it will start from the territory of Belarus and with the direct participation of Lukashenka. He will exploit Lukshenko to achieve certain tasks.”

To the question of what these tasks could be, the political scientist answered:

“Breakthrough through the Suwalki corridor to the Kaliningrad region. And it’s not going to be about hijacking, it’s about showing the weakness of the Alliance. That there won’t be a quick adequate reaction, a quick answer.

I am sure that Russia has such a scenario. It is believed that the Russian leadership believes that NATO is showing weakness, while their own forces (in their opinion) are increasing. I think that the plan to attack the Baltic countries is on Putin’s table, and it will be actively implemented with the participation of Lukashenka.”

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