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Valencia’s general manager Enric Carbonell revealed that if the club played and paid taxes in Madrid, it would save 1.3 million euros. euros.

For the second year in a row, Valencia is facing the end of the season surrounded by uncertainty regarding its place in next season’s EuroLeague. The general manager of the club, Enric Carbonell, revealed that this is not their only disadvantage compared to other Spanish teams.

After the last season, the Valencian team had to go down to the European Cup, but remained in the Euroleague, because Las Palmas Gran Canaria, who triumphed in the European Cup, gave up their place in the latter due to financial reasons.

“It would be crazy at the end of March not to know in which tournament we will play next season. We have a plan B in case we have to play in the European Cup,” Carbonell revealed in an interview with Juan Carlos Villena of Radio Intereconomía Valencia.

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The Spanish club will soon have a new home, with the new Roig Arena nearing completion. Also, the Valencia team seeks to agree on a long-term cooperation with the Euroleague.

“We are working with the Euroleague so that Valencia has at least temporary stability, as we would call it – an A license or simply a license for a few years. We are negotiating for stability, which would allow us to be in the Euroleague for a medium or long time, – said the general manager of the club. “The Euroleague understands what we give them, because this problem is not only related to sports results, it affects the club model, fans, sponsors.”

Carbonell also spoke about the tax system, which also makes the club suffer more than other Spanish teams in the Euroleague.

“In our municipality, we have the highest income tax – 54 percent, except for the first year, when it reaches 19 percent.” Taxes in Madrid are 9%. smaller ones. Our team, if it played and paid taxes in Madrid, would cost 1.3 million. euros less. If we keep the whole team, next season the difference would be even bigger because we have players who are considered first years in our municipality. Compared to Vitoria, the difference is 5-6 percent, but they have about 300,000. tax-free euros.”

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