Toto Wolff has changed his plans and will fly to Japan

Toto Wolff has changed his plans and will fly to Japan
Toto Wolff has changed his plans and will fly to Japan

Mercedes team principal Toto Wolff has changed his plans and will fly to Japan, despite not being there for the past two years.

It was previously announced that Wolff would miss the race at Suzuka, and now Mercedes have confirmed that the team principal will be at the Japanese autodrome throughout this weekend to support the team through a rather difficult period.

In Australia, both cars of the team withdrew from the distance and if in the case of George Russell the reason was an accident on the track, then Lewis Hamilton dropped out of the fight due to technical problems with the engine. After three rounds, the Mercedes team is fourth in the Constructors’ standings, 71 points behind Red Bull, 67 points behind Ferrari and 29 behind McLaren. Meanwhile, Aston Marin, whose cars are equipped with Mercedes engines, has almost caught up with the team of the Stuttgart concern, having collected 25 points – just one point less than Mercedes.

The last round in Australia was one of the most unsuccessful in all the years under the leadership of T. Wolff, with whom the team won one world championship after another. At the same time, T. Wolff combines the duties of the team manager with the duties of the executive director, that is, he is also responsible for the economic side of the team’s activities.

“As the person in charge of this business, I have to make sure that I make the right positive and creative contribution to this cause,” Wolff said in Melbourne. – If someone comes up with an idea to achieve improvement, I always ask you to share it with me, because it is in the interest of all of us to break the situation as soon as possible.

The reasons for our problems must be sought in the laws of physics, because they are not philosophical and abstract. We cannot yet fully understand the behavior of our machine, although last year we figured it all out…”

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