A mistake by A. Tubelis, who fired a three-point volley, almost cost “Neptun” the victory

A mistake by A. Tubelis, who fired a three-point volley, almost cost “Neptun” the victory
A mistake by A. Tubelis, who fired a three-point volley, almost cost “Neptun” the victory

In the Lithuanian Basketball League (Betsafe-LKL), two clubs aiming for the sixth place clashed.

Klaipėda “Neptūnas” (11/12) in their arena 91:89 (21:21, 15:20, 32:22, 23:26) triumphed over “M Basket-Delamode” from Mazeikiai (10/13).

The first part of the match did not answer any questions – free throws by Chauncey Collins before the long break gave the visitors a fragile lead of five points (41:36).

Ažuolas Tubelis, who played dull until the long break, scored 16 points in the third quarter alone, the rest of his teammates added the same amount, and “Neptūnas” was ahead – 68:63.

The fourth quarter was opened by the Mažeiki team’s rush, Kay Bruhnke charged powerfully from above, Kamau Stokes weighed the result with two three-pointers in a row (74:70). Here the wave changed its direction once again – the section of Igna Sargiūnas and А. Tubeli’s long throw put the hosts back in front (78:74). In the last minute, Giedrius Staniulis started once again changing the leading team – 87:86.

After a one-minute break, the leader of “Neptunos” made his fifth three-pointer (89:87). Deividas Gailius scored the points after Mažeikis could not give a fruitful response, Martynas Gecevičius responded with accurate free throws. A. Tubelis then made a mistake, and Ch. Collins hit a three-pointer that could have become the winner with the siren, but the judges’ review proved that the shot was made too late.

“Neptūnas” remains unbeaten after Georgios Vovor took over the helm of the team. The Greek drew winning combinations in the fifth match in a row.

After a long break, А shone brightly. Tubelis collected 27 points (5/8 2-pointers, 5/8 3-pointers, 2/4 free throws), 6 rebounds, a steal and 3 turnovers, 3 assists, an error, a foul and 28 utility points in 35 minutes.

In this meeting, Martynas Gecevičius became the 17th most productive player of Betsafe-LKL of all time, surpassing Egidijus Dimšas.

The head-to-head advantage was already decided in favor of “M Basket-Delamode” before the match. In October, Mažeikiškai won in Klaipėda 87:84, and in December they also triumphed in their territory (70:68).

The outcome of this match determined which team will take sixth and which seventh place in the league. Utena and Panevėžys clubs remain above them with 13 clubs each, followed by CBet from Jonava (8/14).

“Neptūnas” will play its next match next Monday in Jonava, Mažeikiai club in Telšiai will host Utena’s “Uniclub Casino – Juventus” (13/10).

Neptune: Ažuolas Tubelis 27 (5/8 three-pointers, 6 rebounds, 28 points), Martynas Pacevičius 15 (7/10 two-pointers, 8 rebounds), Mindaugas Girdžiūnas 12, Ignas Sargiūnas 11, Deividas Gailius 10 ( 2/6 three-pointers), Zsombor Maronka 8, Thomas Rutherfordas 6 (7 rebounds), Žygymantas Janavičius 2 (10 assists, 4 assists, 1/9 shots).

M Basket-Delamode: Martynas Gecevičius 19 (5/8 three-pointers), Giedrius Staniulis 16 (6 rebounds), Kay’us Bruhnke 15 (4 rebounds, 6 rebounds, 3/5 three-pointers), Chauncey Collins 14 (7 assists), Kamau Stokes 12, Martynas Paliukėnas 8 (4 assists, 5 errors, 4 goals).

The long break: Waterman’s value, Jack’s Republic, the Vovor effect, the battles for 3rd and 6th place and which LKL clubs will be satisfied with the season

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