The Latvian basketball star was chatting with his girlfriend on the couch when the door suddenly opened

The Latvian basketball star was chatting with his girlfriend on the couch when the door suddenly opened
The Latvian basketball star was chatting with his girlfriend on the couch when the door suddenly opened

Armandas Škelė was considered a very talented defender.

Born in Riga in 1983, the Latvian revealed himself early in basketball, the beginning of his career was promising.

Due to his style of play, he was compared to the Serbian legend Aleksandar Džordjevičius, Real Madrid was interested in the Latvian basketball player.

“Scanpix”/AP photo/Armandas Škelė

However, for the beginning of his career, he chose “Anwil” from Wloclavek, which was probably the strongest club in Poland at the time.

A. Škelė played there in 2001-2004, and he told one interesting story about the attention of girls surrounding basketball players in his autobiographical book.

Here is an excerpt from A. Škelė’s story:

“Yes, the Polish girls often asked me to take pictures after the match, and then put those pictures in handwritten letters with the girls’ contact details. Letters came to the mailbox of the club, but I did not answer such letters.

I preferred to “act” live. The trainer wouldn’t let us stay up all night and advised us to conserve energy, but between sweaty workouts, muscle pumping and other athletic routines, it’s completely human to want to have a little fun.

In my second season at Anwil, I was no longer the youngest player, so the idea of ​​partying came naturally. We usually met at a bar called Kominek.

Anwill team dancers contributed to our company. And so it was that autumn evening.

Polish women are indeed beautiful, and our dancers lived up to the highest standard. Between matches I had already exchanged a few words and arranged to meet one of the Anwill dancers sometime. Her name was Evelina. Blonde hair, blue eyes, beautiful face. We exchanged phone numbers but nothing else happened.

That it might happen, it started to look like when we met that night in the bar. Evelina and I laughed at the same jokes as the company, but it felt like it was just the two of us in the room. Our eyes kept meeting, and they weren’t shy looks, but like we were undressing each other with our eyes. I was intrigued by her, it seemed that I was also interested in her. I slowly moved forward to find out more about her intentions. But Evelina passed me.

– I don’t have anyone at home. I thought you might be on your way? the girl asked me.

“Yes, of course, I will accompany you,” I agreed without hesitation.

Soon we arrived. Remembering our erotic eye contact, I was determined to kiss her and see how things went from there. But Evelina orchestrated the process again.

– Maybe you want to go upstairs for tea? – she invited me to her apartment in a high-rise building.

– With pleasure, – I answered without changing my position and walking after Evelina.

A few moments later I was on the couch and Evelina and I were discussing the events at the bar. There was no serious meaning in our conversation, and I didn’t need to be Einstein to understand everything: Evelina did not invite me just to drink tea. She wanted something else.

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