Rutte’s message: don’t hesitate in Moscow or anywhere else – we will defend NATO’s borders

Rutte’s message: don’t hesitate in Moscow or anywhere else – we will defend NATO’s borders
Rutte’s message: don’t hesitate in Moscow or anywhere else – we will defend NATO’s borders

“We will continue to defend NATO’s eastern flank. This task connects our two countries. Our countries have been cooperating for a long time, it’s nice that today I had the opportunity to visit our soldiers who are serving in NATO’s forward forces in Rukla”, said the Prime Minister of the Netherlands at the press conference held after the meeting with President Gitan Nausėda.

“Lithuania, the borders of Lithuania are the borders of Europe and NATO. This means that these are also our borders. Therefore, do not hesitate either in Moscow or anywhere else – we will defend these borders”, M. Rutte emphasized.

Nausėda: Lithuania supports Rutte’s candidacy

Lithuanian President G. Nausėda confirmed during the press conference that Lithuania supports M. Rutte’s candidacy for NATO Secretary General.

“Lithuania supports Mr. Marko Rutte’s candidacy for the post of NATO Secretary General,” G. Nausėda told journalists at the press conference held at the Presidency on Tuesday evening after the bilateral meeting with Mr. Rutte.

The head of the country assured that Mr. Rutte is the right candidate to replace the current head of the Alliance, Jens Stoltenberg, because of his approach to Russian threats.

“I have known Mark for several years, and he was one of those politicians who recognized Russia’s threats very early, who adapted and changed his attitude towards Russia very much, and who is particularly sensitive and understands the threats to NATO’s eastern flank,” said G. Nausėda .

“It is very important that at this stage we have someone who understands that Russian threats are long-term, that Russian threats are manifested in many aspects – not only military, but also in the form of disinformation, cyber security, even organized and instrumentalized migration,” he explained.

Mr. Rutte is seeking to replace Jens Stoltenberg, who heads the NATO Alliance. In order to become the new secretary general of the alliance, the Dutch prime minister must get the approval of all member states. Mr Rutte has strong support from Britain, Germany and the US, but Budapest has said it will not support the Dutch prime minister, who has criticized the Hungarian government.

Nausėda says that Lithuania is negotiating a rotary air defense model with major NATO allies

President G. Nausėda says that Lithuania is currently negotiating with major NATO Alliance partners regarding the rotary air defense model. However, the head of state does not reveal specific states, but he hopes that “we will have information” on this matter in the course of a few months.

“I would not like to define very specifically the countries with which we work. There are many of them. I can say that these are major NATO allies. I really hope that in a few months we will have knowledge from this area as well. In other words, other NATO allies can also contribute to the security of our airspace, not necessarily with the Patriot systems, but with other air defense elements,” G. Nausėda said at a press conference held at the Presidency on Tuesday evening after a bilateral meeting with Dutch Prime Minister Markus Rutte.

In turn, M. Rutte repeated that the Netherlands will send “Patriot” systems to Lithuania this summer. According to the Prime Minister, the Netherlands will strive to fulfill the obligations related to the rotary air defense model.

“We are indeed going to do our fair share and we’re going to do our part to ensure the proper rotation of (air defense systems – ELTA). And maybe not until the summit in Washington, but at least during it we will try to make this commitment and implement concrete steps,” M. Rutte told reporters.

He also indicated that the Netherlands is looking for other ways to contribute to the implementation of the rotary air defense model.

“We will see how the situation develops. Germany has promised to take more action than it has done so far. We actively seek to cooperate and contribute as much as we can from our side. These are essential steps to defend the eastern (NATO-ELTA) flank and defend our borders,” he added.

Last week, the Netherlands made a decision to deploy the Patriot long-range air defense system in Lithuania for several weeks this summer. The Dutch military unit will train in Lithuania together with units of the Lithuanian army.

Minister Kajsa Ollongren, quoted in a press release issued by the Ministry of Defense of the Netherlands, states that the Dutch unit arriving in Lithuania for exercises will contribute to NATO’s air defense readiness.

ELTA reminds that last July at the Vilnius NATO summit, a decision was made regarding the rotary air defense model, aimed at strengthening the Alliance’s integrated air and anti-missile defense. This model would allow peacetime training to smoothly and quickly transition to air defense tasks and enhance deterrence. Lithuania is actively seeking the greatest possible involvement of allies within the framework of the rotary air defense model.

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