Inreal: Mar sells most bst in two years

Inreal: Mar sells most bst in two years
Inreal: Mar sells most bst in two years

Tomas Sovijus Kvainickas, Head of Investments and Analysis of Inreal Group. Photo of Judita Grigelyts (V).

In March, compared to the corresponding month last year, the sales of primary market housing in Vilnius grew more than twice, in Kaunas by 76%, in Klaipėda by 32%, according to the real estate (NT) services company Inreal.

According to her, over the past few months, agreements have been reached on the acquisition of 312 new housing units (including apartments, apartments, lofts and condominiums) in Vilnius, 58 in Kaunas, and 54 in Klaipda. 24 agreements were terminated in Sostinje, three in Kaunas, and one in Klaipda.

Compared to February, sales in Vilnius increased by 54%, in Klaipėda they increased almost five times, while in Kaunas they increased by a third.

According to Tomas Sovijaus Kvainickos, head of Inreal investments and analysis, during the first quarter, 758 agreements for a new building were recorded in Vilnius, which is the best result of the quarter since 2022. in April, and in March it was the most active month in two years.

Such a result is positive, but it should be borne in mind that both new projects and pre-sales in them, as well as the end of construction, when the sales process is completed, have a bearing on the monthly results, says TS Kvainickas.

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According to Inreal data, the price of an economy class apartment in Vilnius decreased by 1% and reached 2,763 EUR/sq.m. m, average 3% to 3,967 Eur/sq.m. m, and prices in the prestigious segment increased by 1% to 6,866 EUR/sq.m. m.

Prices in Kaunas in March, compared to February, in the economic segment decreased by 2% to 1,897 EUR/sq.m. m, in presti 1% up to 3.988 EUR/sq.m. m, grew by 1% on average to EUR 3,000/sq.m. m.

During the month, the prices in Klaipda in the middle and premium classes did not change and were 2,618 EUR/sq.m., respectively. m and 6,796 EUR/sq.m. m. At that time, the price of economy class apartments increased by 20% to 2,148 EUR/sq.m. m.

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