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Ten nominations were presented at the comedy ceremony in Klaipėda’s “Švyturio” arena. The “golden onions” were taken by the politicians and public figures who deserved them.

This time, “Entrepreneur of the Year”, “Quote of the Year”, “Gambler of the Year”, “Surprise of the Year”, “Performer of the Year”, “Buildings of the Age”, “Farewell of the Year”, “Actor of the Year”, Event of the Year and “Beautiful of the Year” were chosen. .

Nominees and winners (in bold):


  • Valdemaras Rupšys, the commander of the Lithuanian army, rented an apartment from himself for his exceptional abilities in the real estate business and for budget money.
  • Energy distribution operator – ESO – for ingenuity: how after stealing 160 million euros, return it to consumers by increasing the service tariff by 3 cents, and earn a billion. The stingy pays 2 times, and the electricity user pays three times.
  • Members of municipal councils and the Seimas – for creating a new business and proving that the remnants of conscience can be successfully exchanged for gasoline receipts. The author and curator of the project – Andrius Tapinas.


  • Prime Minister Ingrida Šimonytė – for hygiene lessons to Agne Širinskiena: “Bathing in shit is your personal choice, although you can do it every day if you like.”
  • The President of the Republic of Lithuania, Gitanas Nausėda, shared life advice for gays about the fact that the content of the Constitution “must not be washed away through the back door”.
  • Candidate for the President of the Republic of Lithuania Ignas Vēgėlė – apparently, confusing the man of Assisi with bolt a driver from Uzbekistan solemnly declared: “I came to Klaipėda and I can’t pass by the church of St. Francis of Asia…”

Photo of the organizers/A moment of “Golden Onions”.


  • Prime Minister Ingrida Šimonytė, who placed all her presidential election chips on the slogan “Strong president – strong country”. Who knows, if Vladimir Putin succeeded with the slogan – “Strong president – strong Russia”, maybe Ingrid Šimonyta will succeed too?… If not win, then at least fake it.
  • Member of the Seimas, Artūras Skardžius – who decided to play for another team and joined the Lithuanian Social Democratic Party in the morning, left it in the evening and became the shortest member of the party – about 12 hours.
  • Entrepreneur, investor and simply a financial genius – Šarūnas Stepukonis, who bet even 50 million euros intended for the construction of the Vilnius national football stadium, which pensioners threw away from their savings, on the red and was very surprised when the black came out. Just Stendhal’s Black and Red. Or maybe “Red and Black”?… Now there is no difference, it was not Stendalis who lost, but Stepukonis.


  • Arvydas Anušauskas – who left a bunch of tanks and the post of Minister of National Defense in order to fulfill his dream – to continue his career as a Tiktok clothing model.
  • Vytautas Gapšys – even in prison, he managed to preserve the mandate of the Seimas and continues to create laws behind bars. It turned out that although the briber’s hat is on fire, the mandate of the member of the Seimas is not.
  • Seimun Justas Dziugelis – for his innovative approach to political corruption. He turned the existing practice upside down, and not only did he not take money from lobbyists, but he paid them himself.

Photo of the organizers/A moment of “Golden Onions”.


  • Kristijonas Bartoševičius claimed to be the soloist of the year, even though he did not learn the conservative anthem “Girioj Lietuvos įžuolai žalios”, but he did a great solo part in the “Ėuoliuko” choir.
  • Remigijus Žemaitaitis claimed to be the reader of the year after reciting the poem “Lipo jedus to the ladder” so expressively in the Seimas that it even received international recognition.
  • Ballerina of the year applied to become prima ballerina of the Social Democrats Vilija Blinkevičiūtė – done bye bye in the ballet “Sleeping Beauty” and supported the elections of the President of the Republic of Lithuania.


  • Road Vilnius – Utena. As in the riddle: If he stood up, he would support the sky, if he spoke, he would say a lot. What? Road. … But if we hear what they are saying concrete drivers going from Vilnius to Utena, we would really think that it is about the one who would stand up.
  • The house of Antanas Bos in the Vilnius district, which the Supreme Court ordered to be demolished, because “the businessman, being smart and careful, should have realized the risk he was taking.” The authorities who issued the illegal permit will not have to take the risk, because we will all pay the compensation. And they also say that palm trees do not grow in Lithuania.
  • Vilnius national stadium, during the construction of which the mayor of Vilnius, Valdas Benkunskas, decided to compete with the mayor of Kaunas, Visvaldas Matijošaitis, who was bigger. If Visvaldo – fifteen, then Benkunsko – even eighteen!.. There are about thousands of spectators in the stadium.
Photo of the organizers/A moment of

Photo of the organizers/A moment of “Golden Onions”.


  • This is how the mayor of Kaunas, Visvaldas Matijošaitis, said goodbye to Russian fish fingers – the fingers of each crab are bent inward.
  • Margarita Drobiazko skates – remaining on the ice, but saying goodbye to her Lithuanian citizenship, for the opportunity to dance to Putin’s pipe.
  • Tomas Vytautas Raskevičius, member of the Seimas, a “libertarian”. saying goodbye to the dream of legalizing same-sex partnerships and legally attending Seimas meetings in a dress.


  • Viktorija Siegel – for the role of the victim in the series “The Slave Izaura”.
  • Laurynas Suodaitis – for the main role in the Lithuanian police comedy “Gautas zvkviatimas”.
  • Acting duo – Viktorija Siegel and Laurynas Suodaitis – for the screen adaptation of the Lithuanian fairy tale “Vištytė ir gaidelis”: about how Vištytė put out the eye of Gaidelis in an online store, and then called the police.
Photo of the organizers/A moment of

Photo of the organizers/A moment of “Golden Onions”.


  • Petras Gražulis – for the long-awaited farewell to the Seimas, after a long and tiring fight against gays.
  • Petras Gražulis for instilling family values ​​in their illegitimate children.
  • And another contender – Beautiful Peter – for his very close and even intimate friendship with the scandalous Antans Kandrotas, because Petras Gražulis is the only Lithuanian politician who was wrapped in cellophane. For polyethylene, men!


  • Intermediate school exams organized by the Ministry of Education, during which it became clear that even the best students in math lessons did not learn Chinese.
  • An oratorio performed by farmers in Vilnius for tractors with an orchestra, which shook the windows and kinks of the government in the center of the capital with the powerful roar of tractors.
  • The visit of the President of the Republic of Lithuania Gitanas Nausėda to the “Phantom of the Opera”, when he went to London to meet King Charles III, he met the diplomatic ghost Eitvydas Bajarūnas.

Photo gallery:

The whole country has known for more than twenty years – if there are “Golden Onions” – there will be laughter until tears. This was taken care of by the stars of the stage who created exclusive music numbers.

Actor Šarūnas Banevičius turned into presidential candidate Ignu Vėgele, actress Violeta Mičiulienė became the legendary Kunigunda, Vilija Blinkevičiūtė, chairman of the Social Democrats, seduced retired singer Česlovas Gabalis, protesting tractor driver became singer Žilvinas Žvagulis, and Inga Valinskienė became the country’s outgoing president not for the first time. Dalia Grybauskaite.

The Seimas warehouse was “cleaned” by actor Marius Jampolskis, who became parliamentarian, and singers Č. Gabalis and Deivis. By the way, the latter traditionally had the role of the scandalous Petros Gražulis, who was finally expelled from the parliament. Davies, who played “Beauty” more than once on stage, laughed that if his hero left the Seimas, Davies’ career in “Golden Onions” would also end.

Photo by Andrias Pelakauskas/Golden Onions presented in Klaipėda

Photo by Andrias Pelakauskas/Golden Onions presented in Klaipėda

Rosita Paulauskaitė, the leader of the famous music group “Junior” in the past, became the premier of Ingrida Šimonyte on stage. With fiery rock rhythms playing, the “premiere” went into such a rage that she even smashed an electric guitar on stage. Actor Ramūnas Rudokas turned into President Gitanas Nausėdas on stage, to whom the unexpectedly grown boy often quoted by the head of the country, played by weightlifter Ramūnas Vyšniauskas, recited a quatrain.​

Photo by Andrias Pelakauskas/Golden Onions presented in Klaipėda

Photo by Andrias Pelakauskas/Golden Onions presented in Klaipėda

​The disco in the arena was founded by the group “DAR”, which turned into representatives of the Freedom Party. Rajži sang about the lost constructions, and the members of the newly born group “Kalinam” Ramūnas Rudokas, Marius Jampolskis and Antanas Nedzinkas sang the part of the convicted actors of the corruption scandal.

One of the biggest surprises of “Golden Onions” was the duet of “influencers” Lauryns Suodaitis and Viktorijas Siegel, the heroes of the divorce drama. L. Suodaitis, the hero of the scandal, told his story in the words of the song, and the role of his still-wife Victoria was played by the singer Natalija Bunke.​

Photo by Andriaus Pelakauskas/Natalija Bunkė and Laurynas Suodaitis

Photo by Andriaus Pelakauskas/Natalija Bunkė and Laurynas Suodaitis

The performances were also attended by the groups “Bernužėliai”, “Patruliai”, singer Irena Starošaitė, dance groups “Tina Dance”, “Leader Dance” and golden age dancers led by the energetic pioneer of aerobics in Lithuania Joana Bartaškienė.

“Golden Onions” were traditionally conducted by Arūnas Valinskas and Justinas Jankevičius.

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