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The Miss Europe 2024 beauty pageant was held from February 15 to 25 in Beirut, Lebanon. Ukraine was represented this year by Milena Melnichuk, who a couple of weeks later spoke about the conflict with the representatives of Russia and Belarus on her Instagram social network.

“During the competition, I was forced to take a picture together with the representative of Russia. After I categorically refused, the threats started. They said that I’m stupid and don’t understand anything, and the Russian woman always tried to sit next to me and take a picture together,” said M. Melničuk on Instagram.

The girl revealed that the designer who created the clothes for the competition specially gave them identical dresses. It is said that they wanted to create the image that these are best friends.

Stop shot/post by Milena Melničuk on Instagram

“The choreographer of the competition sat me on the stage next to the Russian Roza Gadieva, and when I asked to be moved to another place, he told me in Russian that he doesn’t give a damn about the war in Ukraine. He also shouted and called me “choclushka”, the girl consoled.

The representative of Ukraine in the “Miss Europe 2024” contest published a video on her social network, in which the representative of Belarus, Irina Maksimovich, was captured on a bus. She wished the brother of the Ukrainian woman dead, and named Ukraine as an aggressor country.

“Are you at war? Then why are you shaking your boobs in a beauty pageant? Why the hell did you go to a beauty contest?”, the Belarusian woman shouted.

On Saturday, Ukrainian Milena cried for help in her Instagram stories. She begged for publicity and said she even received death threats.

“People, I get so many death wishes and even death threats… I’m really scared. There are so many Russian and Belarusian media representatives under my posts, but this situation must be publicized even more,” said Milena.

She also assured that the media of Russia and Belarus remade this story of hers in their own way.

“They are making up false stories about me without any evidence, and the threats continue. However, I made public a video containing the entire Belarusian monologue, isn’t that enough?” M. Melničuk said on Instagram.

Stop shot/post by Milena Melničuk on Instagram

According to Milena, the beauty contest “Miss Europe 2024” went smoothly. According to her, the Ministry of Culture of this country paid 20 thousand euros for Russia’s victory. And for the third place, Belarusian representatives did not spare 5 thousand euros.

On her Instagram account, the Ukrainian took comfort in the fact that she was banned from participating in another famous beauty contest, Miss World, after making such facts public.

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