children taken due to unconfirmed report

children taken due to unconfirmed report
children taken due to unconfirmed report

Ana Mažeikienė, a resident of Vilnius, got involved in a conflict with the administration of Jonas Basanavičius pro-gymnasium in the capital: according to the citizen, the administration is taking revenge, “sitting” on the family and falsely accusing them of violence against children. Child rights protection specialists began to clarify the situation. For its part, the high school refuses to comment on the specific situation.

Delphi interviewed, A. Mažeikienė said that she has three children – a hyperactive son in the eighth grade and two second-graders, one of whom is anxious.

Back in January, according to the mother, it was decided to transfer one of the children – her son in the eighth grade – to another class because of the bullying of the student.

“A little girl, a short classmate, was called a little girl,” said A. Mažeikienė.

According to her, this was the third transfer of her son to another class.

“I suspect the reason here is that our director is not very tall. My child is five feet tall, the girl is maybe four feet tall, eighth grader. And that “little girl, little girl”, I think, somehow personally hooked our director herself, she called my child a criminal, because bullying people is a crime”, continued Ana, and assessed that the situation was fundamentally absurd.

According to her, her son even developed a rash due to the situation and stress.

Finally, according to the mother, the child was transferred to another class, but at least to the one to which the child wanted to be transferred.

Later, according to A. Mažeikienė, due to her son’s behavior, the school sent a draft of a tripartite agreement and demanded to sign it.

“After bringing that agreement to children’s rights, four violations of children’s rights were identified. I was required to obtain a distance learning certificate so that if there was any complaint about my child’s behavior, he would be sent home for a cooling off period. You must sit on the first bench during all lessons, during the long break you must go to the library or to the headmaster and spend time there.

Simply – all kinds of absurdities, that the child is uncomfortable, that he does not have friends, that he is alone. Of course, everything was covered up, that it was for the sake of the child, you will see, he will be calmer”, said the interviewer.

Accused of defamation and inadequate reaction

After the draft agreement was evaluated by child rights protection specialists, the school administration, according to the mother, began to take revenge – allegedly, when she did not let her other second son visit, he got angry, and the school framed it as domestic violence.

All three of her children had to temporarily live with their grandfather, A. Mažeikienė said, after child rights protection specialists assessed that it was not safe at home.

“I came to explain the rights of the child, they didn’t tell me a lot of details, just one child reported that there is violence at home, that all the children are beaten,” the mother recounted the events.

She denied abusing the children.

“Absolutely, <...> no one hits anyone,” said the mother and testified that later, when the suspicions of violence were not confirmed, all the children were allowed to return home.

When asked if she does not plan to send her children to another school, if she is not satisfied with the relationship with the administration, feels tension, the interlocutor retorted that it is not their family that should change schools.

“And those persons who cause tension for children who slander, react inadequately,” said A. Mažeikienė.

In her opinion, the resident promised to apply to the Vilnius City Municipality and the Ministry of Education, Science and Sports due to inappropriate behavior of the pro-gymnasium administration.

“Such people should not work in school with children,” A. Mažeikienė assessed.

Batulevičius: a decision will be made on support for the child and the family

Gedas Batulevičius, head of the Child Rights Protection Department of the Vilnius City Child Rights Protection and Adoption Service, confirmed that the service is aware of the situation related to this family, and, according to him, responded immediately to information about possible violence.

“We reacted immediately as soon as we received information that the child might need help. The defenders of the child’s rights immediately contacted the child’s family and assessed what kind of help the family might need and initiated it,” in the answer Delphi testified G. Batulevičius.

Currently, according to him, “an interdepartmental meeting is planned, during which specialists will share insights and knowledge and decide on the further provision of comprehensive and targeted assistance to the child and family.”

“Child rights defenders are always ready to help and respond to every report on a possible violation of a child’s rights. When investigating a violation of a child’s rights, we go to the family and always communicate with the child’s family members, assess the situation in the family, listen to the child’s opinion, if he can express it according to his age and state of health.

In the event of a crisis situation in the family, child rights defenders are always ready to help: advise, refer to other specialists – psychologists, doctors, social workers, lawyers, etc.,” said the head of the Vilnius City Child Rights Protection Department.

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According to him, the service aims to ensure the well-being of every child.

“If there are any questions, we invite people to consult with child rights defenders by calling the toll-free number 8 800 10 800, you can also write a message in the chat box on the website A child’s rights violation can be reported at the nearest child rights protection department by filling out a form on the Service’s website or by calling the general emergency number 112,” said G. Batulevičius.

G. Batulevičius did not provide any comments about the draft of the tripartite agreement mentioned by A. Mažeikienė, which was allegedly contested by the Child Rights Protection Service.

Progymnasium: it is important to protect children from threats

For its part, Vilnius Jonas Basanavičiaus pro-gymnasium refused to comment on the mentioned situation.

According to the school, “it is very important to protect children from threats, one of which could be the dissemination of information that is not favorable to the welfare of children, especially if it is related to the personal data of the child.”

“The school cares about the well-being of all the children studying here and the success of their educational process. By organizing meaningful and meaningful learning activities, we try to create a favorable, supportive and friendly environment for every child and employee. If we are faced with more complex cases, we always react immediately, making the best decisions in the interests of the children, and we always cooperate with parents and other supporting institutions.

In order to ensure a successful educational process, it is very important to protect children from threats, one of which could be the dissemination of information unfavorable to children’s well-being, especially if it is related to the child’s personal data.

Given these aspirations and in accordance with data protection regulations, we cannot comment on specific cases.

The school’s pedagogues and specialists are open to cooperation with every family and partners”, – this is how the office of the pro-gymnasium answered the questions addressed to the director of the pro-gymnasium Jurgita Nemanienei.

The progymnasium did not provide answers to questions about relations with the family, transfer of one of the children to another class, possible bullying, tripartite agreement, suspected domestic violence.

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