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As written in the press release of the Kaunas State Musical Theatre, the changes are visible not only from the outside. The long-time manager of the theater Benjaminas Želvys is very happy with the contribution of deputy Rimantas Lekavičius in improving the interior of the theater.

Thanks to the support of the structural investment funds of the European Union, the modernization works of the theater were successfully implemented, thanks to which the old infrastructure problems were solved, the stage construction, its mechanization, sound and artistic lighting systems were updated. Also, new equipment needed for theater activities was purchased and installed, which will allow the realization of the highest artistic level ideas without any obstacles.

The Nabucco opera will start

One of the most intriguing premieres that will greet the audience first is Giuseppe Verdi’s opera Nabucco.

The premiere of the opera took place in difficult outdoor conditions on July 16 at the IX Fort Museum.

Photo of the Kaunas State Musical Theatre/Rehearsals of the “Nabuk” opera

“During the heavy rain, but with the gathering of two thousand spectators, our artistic team decided to give all their strength, but to show the opera desperately!” It was our honor to launch the premier in such harsh conditions. I am immensely proud of the entire theater team, which has proven its dedication to the performing arts,” said B. Želvys.

It is this choral masterpiece by G. Verdi that will open the new season of the Kaunas State Musical Theater. On October 1st and 2nd, the play will move to the theater stage and the audience will see the original work of the director Kęstutis S. Jakštas, director. conductor Jonas Janulevičius, stage designer Artūras Šimonis, costume designer Dainius Bendiks and chief. a variant designed by choirmaster Rasa Vaitkevičiūtė.

Photo of the Kaunas State Musical Theatre/Rehearsals of the “Nabuk” opera

Music director and conductor J. Janulevičius said about the performance: “In the opera “Nabuk”, the scale of the musical and dramaturgical idea is perfectly matched. A combination of romantic and broad musical strokes prevails here, which unfolds in mass and conflict scenes, illustrated by the confrontation between the nation and its conquerors. Dramaturgically, it is a very complete work, in which the audience can read the drama clearly in the music and mise-en-scène, even if they do not know the Italian language or see the subtitles. Of course, this requires the emotional charge of the soloists and the orchestra, and it will certainly not be lacking here. I hope that both the performers and the audience will be accompanied by a spiritual uplift after the opera.”

Director KSJakštas added: “As in all brilliant stories, the scale of values ​​is lowered for the audience in this one as well. The viewer decides for himself what he chooses: the path of perception, understanding and repentance of lies, war, opposition or injustice. The opera is also interesting in that half of its plot is based on biblical motifs, and when Nabucque experiences God’s scourge from heaven, gospel motifs begin – apology, repentance, and realization prevail. If even one despot of the world had acted like Nabuk, that is, he would have understood what he was doing and when to stop, the world would be different – brighter and more transparent. But sooner or later the truth will catch up with everyone without exception.”

Photo of the Kaunas State Musical Theatre/Rehearsals of the

Photo of the Kaunas State Musical Theatre/Rehearsals of the “Nabuk” opera

Already from October, viewers will have the opportunity to move to a utopia where tyranny is replaced by repentance.

A performance dedicated to R. Kalanta

Another very significant premiere, which appeared on May 14, is the rock opera “1972” by the composer Kipris Mašanauskas.

“This is a performance dedicated to the fiftieth anniversary of Romo Kalanta’s death. However, the creators of the performance decided to show this feat in slightly different colors. The rock opera illustrates the life of R. Kalanta before his sacrifice and at the same time reveals the portraits of young people of that era. This work is twofold, because older viewers will watch it through the prism of sentimentality, while young people will have the opportunity to get to know the vicissitudes of the Soviet era better,” said B. Želvys.

Kaunas State Musical Theater photo/Kipro Mashanauska's rock opera

Kaunas State Musical Theater photo/Kipro Mashanauska’s rock opera “1972”

With this piece, K. Mašanauskas continues the bright traditions of the rock opera genre, whose pioneers in Lithuania are Kęstutis Antanėlis, Viačeslavas Ganelinas, Rokas Radzevičius.

Performances of the newly released rock opera “1972” will be shown on October 6, 7, 29, 30.

Kaunas State Musical Theater photo/Kipro Mashanauska's rock opera

Kaunas State Musical Theater photo/Kipro Mashanauska’s rock opera “1972”

This will be an opportunity to move to Kaunas fifty years ago together with the mischievous “chebra”. To remember how Laisvės aleja, the garden of the musical theater and other places of the city looked at that time. To see up close the reality of young people who lived under oppression: what they believed, what music they listened to and, of course, what they dreamed about.

It can be boldly said that the creative team of the rock opera “1972”: composer K.Mašanauskas, author of the plot Goda Simonaitytė, author of the lyrics Arnas Ališauskas, author of the orchestration Jievaras Jasinskas, director KSJakštas, stage designer Gintaras Makarevičius built a monument in musical form that gives meaning not only to R. The victim of Kalanta, but also the general desire for freedom of the Soviet people.

Kaunas State Musical Theater photo/Kipro Mashanauska's rock opera

Kaunas State Musical Theater photo/Kipro Mashanauska’s rock opera “1972”

Joined forces with the Ukrainians

After these premieres, on October 20, the theater invites you to an unconventional concert “Together for Freedom”, where prominent artists of the Kyiv National Academic Operetta and Kaunas State Musical Theaters will perform.

The program will include popular arias from operas, operettas and musicals, complemented by choreographic compositions.

And already on October 29, the premiere for the whole family will be presented – the ballet “Aladdin” by the Ukrainian composer Oleksandr Rodin.

This is a colorful, well-known story not only from a collection of colorful oriental fairy tales, but also from a Hollywood motion picture. The ballet performance appeared at the Kyiv Opera and Ballet Theater only last fall, but it was canceled due to the war. Therefore, I am happy that he can continue his life on the stage of the Kaunas Musical Theater, where the ballet will be realized by a team of Ukrainian artists: artistic director Petro Kachanov, choreographer and director Sergii Kon, assistant choreographer Oksana Chamrovska, music director and conductor Oksana Madaraš, set designer Natalija Klisenko, costume designer Dmitry Kuriata.

The performance is being rehearsed and will also be conducted by Julius Geniušas.

Traditions have also remained

We will also invite you to spend the most magical time of the year together – on December 30, we will traditionally celebrate the old year with G. Verdi’s opera “Traviata”, and on the last day of the year we will celebrate at a New Year’s concert, where we will see and hear not only new works and new faces, but also updated technical stages possibilities of structures and artistic lighting systems.

In the spring, the theater will again welcome the rhythm of dance – Anatoly Shenderov’s ballet “Desdemona”, which will be staged by director-choreographer Anželika Cholina.

Kaunas State Musical Theater photo/Benjaminas Želvys

Kaunas State Musical Theater photo/Benjaminas Želvys

As the summer approaches, a joint project with the Estonian concert institution PROMFEST, which has become a two-year tradition, is waiting for us, as a result of which we will see Jules Massenet’s opera “Cinderella” staged for the first time in Lithuania.

“The theater cannot exist without the audience, so it is very important to maintain good chemistry between the show and the audience. And our theater community unconditionally respects, loves and always waits for the audience. I feel proud of the theater as it is now. We will meet in the renewed and diverse season from October 1,” invited B. Želvys, the head of the Kaunas State Musical Theatre.

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