Life had a different plan for the economist – she has been in social work for three decades

Life had a different plan for the economist – she has been in social work for three decades
Life had a different plan for the economist – she has been in social work for three decades

She has a sharp mind, has a surprisingly good memory, never refuses to test her abilities and eventually goes with them even to the Presidency. This is Veronika Sadauskienė, who has been working in the field of social work in the Alytus district for almost three decades. She currently works as a case manager at the Family Support Center. Having started her career as an economist, today the woman is happy that life had a different plan for her, allowing her to meet many people, have valuable experiences and even solve difficult challenges.

There are no wrinkles and gray hair in the baggage of life

“Working with people has always been close to my heart. Today, I am really happy about the opportunity to search for solutions together with people who need help, consultation. I have always liked to communicate and help others as much as I can, and I also learn life lessons from my work. If, over the years, we pack only wrinkles and gray hair into our life baggage, instead of experience and development, it no longer makes any sense,” Veronika is convinced.

Empathy, one might say, is a woman’s calling card. She will never leave not only the people she has to work with, but also animals to the will of fate. Maybe that’s why her house is always surrounded by a group of pets – two stray dogs and three snuggled cats.

Having raised three children, Veronika now tries to devote more time to herself, to enjoy life by pampering herself with trips, which she always looks forward to.

To the chair of social work

What paths led a woman who obtained the profession of agricultural production economist at the then Academy of Agriculture and managed to work in the system of collective farms at that time to the field of social work?

At that time, the profession of social worker was new, and the post of social worker had just been established in Alovė ward. The then elder Alvyda Urbanavičienė invited Veronikas to work in this position.

The woman did not stray too far from the numbers, as she had to calculate various payments, and also visited families raising children and single grandparents. At that time, her only working vehicle was a bicycle, with which she traveled around several villages under her supervision, and even as far as Kalesnykai, Mikalava.

The woman even had an eight-year professional break during which she had three children and raised them, and when she returned to work, there were many changes in the field of social work. Even then, she held the position of social work organizer.

By the way, Veronika deepened her knowledge and competences in the field of social work with her master’s studies at the then Vilnius Pedagogical University.

There is something to regret

The woman says that she regrets only one thing today – that she was very sedentary all her life, that she stayed in her comfort zone for too long and didn’t even allow herself to think about new opportunities.

“Now I also tell my children that they shouldn’t be afraid to try even completely new areas that have never been touched before. The more you experience and see, the more you improve both as a person and as a specialist,” Veronika says.

He liked to tell stories to his school friends

Veronica liked to improve and learn since childhood. She remembers with a smile how she used to always tell her friends the correct answers at school.

“I couldn’t listen to my classmates not understanding one thing or another,” the woman laughs.

Once, not getting enough of the stories, the teacher called her in front of the class and told her to explain the lesson. This time, Veronika’s angry teacher’s task succeeded perfectly. Since then, the gifted student often stood in front of the class and explained the rules. As a child, Veronika says, she used to read a lot of books, and perhaps that allowed her to know a lot.

In addition, her surprisingly good memory, especially for numbers, helped her to study well. For example, it is enough for her to say the phone number once and she remembers it for a long time.

Intuition led to the Presidency

Although at school she explained the rules to her peers perfectly, now, as she says, she could not boast of that.

“The strangest thing is that today I would not be able to explain many rules, but I follow my intuition, which rarely fails,” says Veronika.

It is intuition that helps her a lot in writing national dictations and even at the republican level, she took third place, for which she received an award at the Presidency.

The woman tested her abilities by writing the national dictation this year as well. It is true that the results were somewhat disappointing, as she made three spelling and punctuation errors each, but this woman never lacks optimism that drives her forward.

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