Kaunas City Municipality, SDG and “Mes Darom” join forces and invite you to join environmental initiatives throughout Lithuania

Kaunas City Municipality, SDG and “Mes Darom” join forces and invite you to join environmental initiatives throughout Lithuania
Kaunas City Municipality, SDG and “Mes Darom” join forces and invite you to join environmental initiatives throughout Lithuania

The consulting and training company SDG (Safe Work Guarantor) has become the general sponsor of the environmental initiatives platform “Doing together with SDG”. Organizations invite to clean-up campaigns and announce this year’s news.

We do it all year round

More than 40 different initiatives from all over Lithuania were registered on the platform of environmental protection initiatives created last year: from the cleaning of Lake Vievis to the planting of the Century Grove in Klaipėda. This year, the “Mes Darom” organization hopes that this number will be even higher.

“We have noticed that the new model, where the cleaning campaign takes place not just on one day, but throughout the year, pays off. We understand that one weekend may not be convenient for everyone, so we give more freedom to choose not only the time of the initiative, but also the form. In addition, in this way we encourage companies and communities to think about beautifying the environment not only in spring,” says Edvardas Glushokas, head of communication at VŠĮ “Mes Darom”.

April 19-20 – special days

On April 19-20, “Darom kartu su SDG” in cooperation with Vilnius, Kaunas, Klaipėda, Panevėžys, Alytus, Marijampolė, Utena and Telšiai regional waste management centers invites residents to actively create and register waste disposal sites throughout Lithuania. The bulky waste collected and sorted during these cleanups will be accepted at the bulky waste collection sites in the Vilnius, Kaunas, Klaipėda, Panevėžys, Alytus, Marijampolė, Utena and Telšiai regions according to the procedure established at these sites, but excluding them from the annual limits of natural persons. It is only important to take photos that will confirm that the waste was collected on April 19 or 20 during the cleanup registered on the “Doing together with SDG” platform.

“Mes Darom” reminds us that regional waste management centers accept sorted bulky waste free of charge throughout the year, in accordance with the procedure established by them (you can find out about it on the website of the relevant regional waste management center or atliekukultura.lt/atlieku-kulturos-zemelapis), so we invite you to collect garbage on other days as well.

“I want to emphasize that when collecting garbage, it is important to sort it correctly. It is most convenient to do this by collecting garbage in bags of different colors or by sorting them together at the end of the event. In the latter case, it not only increases fellowship, but also provides valuable knowledge about sorting,” says Edvardas Glushok.

Garbage bags distributed to registered cleanup initiatives this year also contribute to the preservation of nature. The PLASTA company provided Trash Panda bags, which are made from 100% recycled waste, 40-60 percent of which is household plastic waste.

A special map is used to mark the places to be managed

“Darom kartu su SDG” invites you not only to actively create various environmental protection initiatives, but also to mark the places to be managed on a special map https://zemelapis.mesdarom.lt/. Residents who want to contribute to cleaning the environment can use the information provided here to choose a contaminated treatment area and clean it up.

A symbolic gift for all initiative creators

in 2023 The Blue Yellow organization thanked the SDG company for its support to Ukraine by presenting a piece of reclaimed Ukrainian land with a sunflower seed. This award was given meaning by planting sunflowers in the yard of the company. When the sunflowers grew and bloomed, many nice comments were received, and even Ukrainian children studying in Kaunas came to admire the plants.

“We decided to share this idea also during the Mes Darom initiative – from April 15. Together with gloves and bags for collecting garbage, sunflower seeds will be distributed to all initiative creators in SDG offices in twelve cities of Lithuania. We will also invite everyone who wants to register and participate in the sunflower planting campaign. Lithuania can not only clean its environment, but also beautify it with sunflowers”, says SDG CEO Eduardas Jasas.

The goal is to inspire communities

SDG also focuses on long-term social and environmental initiatives while providing services. For example, the project “Let’s protect our future” has been running for 16 years, “Christmas children’s dreams” for 13 years, “Save yourself at work” for 17 years, and the children’s camp “Safety” has been organized for the third summer. SDG employees and their families have been raising nests for all small forest birds for the second year, and last year they participated in the “River clean up” initiative.

“We became general sponsors of the “Mes darom” initiative in 2024, because we want to share our experience with everyone, we want to inspire other companies to take care of the community and their environment,” says Rūta Jasienė, Director of HR and Communication of SDG.

“Humanity has already reached a level where sustainability is not a fashion, but a necessity. Businesses must also take responsibility for the impact of their activities. If we don’t do it now, tomorrow will be too late,” reminds Aistė Jonaitienė, head of SDG’s Sustainability Department.

More information about opportunities to contribute to environmental initiatives throughout Lithuania is published at https://mesdarom.lt/darom-kartu/.

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