It is planned to invest about 6.4 million in the infrastructure of the Vilnius district. EUR –

It is planned to invest about 6.4 million in the infrastructure of the Vilnius district. EUR –
It is planned to invest about 6.4 million in the infrastructure of the Vilnius district. EUR –

Vilnius District Municipality plans to invest 6 million in infrastructure development in 2024. 440 thousand euros. On Friday, the council of this municipality, after submission, agreed to consider the draft decision, which aims to approve this year’s plan for the use of funds received from infrastructure development contributions.

The Mayor of the Vilnius District Municipality, Robert Duchnevič, emphasizes that the infrastructure development contribution is an important financial tool for the implementation of infrastructure projects, which in the long term have a significant positive impact on the well-being of local residents. According to the mayor, this plan reflects one of the main priorities of the municipality – to rapidly develop the infrastructure of the Vilnius district.

“We need to create quality infrastructure that ensures comfortable conditions for living, studying, working and spending leisure time in the Vilnius region. After the approval of the aforementioned fund distribution plan in the council, the municipality will be able to continue the management of roads, streets, public spaces, modernize and build new educational, cultural and sports infrastructure institutions that meet the needs of the population,” notes R. Duchnevič.

The largest amount of funds this year, ie 2.3 mln. EUR, intended for capital repairs of roads and streets. Riešės, Ilgosios, Lindiniškių, Liepai, Galinė and Kalnos streets would continue to be maintained in Avižienii ward, and Upės and Česlovos Miloš streets in Zujūnai ward.

Investments are directed to several educational institutions in the Vilnius region. 500,000 would be allocated for the final construction works of the Kindergarten in Great Wrist. euros. It is planned that the institution will open its doors already this September. It is planned to establish 8 preschool education groups here, which will be able to be attended by 125 children.

It is planned to allocate 200,000 each for the installation of the sports field of Avižieniei Gymnasium and the construction of the extension, as well as for the installation of the universal sports field near the Kyviškių primary school in the Šatrininkai district. euros. 500,000 is earmarked for the construction works of the gymnasium of Bezdonii Julijas Slovackis gymnasium. euros. 400,000 would be allocated for the modernization of the learning spaces of the Mariano Zdziechovskis primary school in Turedva. euros.

Currently, in Nemėžys borough, one of the most important sports infrastructure facilities in the area – the Skaidiškiu sports complex – is being constructed and public spaces are being renovated. 700 thousand is expected to be allocated to them this year. euros.

It is planned to allocate 240 thousand for the reconstruction and repair of the premises of Rudamina multifunctional cultural center. euros.

More than 6.4 million the amount is financed from municipal infrastructure development contributions paid by the builders. They are returned to the respective precincts, where these contributions were paid, when renewing or developing their infrastructure needs.

The aforementioned draft decision of the municipal council will be discussed in the committees, and the final vote on its approval will take place during the next council meeting.

Precincts that collected the most infrastructure funds

In 2023, Vilnius district municipality collected a total of 5.8 million. EUR contributions, exceeding 5.6 million the amount of euros collected in 2022. Last year, the most contributions were collected in Avižienii (EUR 2.2 million), Zujūnai (EUR 819 thousand), Riešė (EUR 730 thousand), Nemėžys (EUR 640 thousand) and Mickūnai (EUR 282 thousand) boroughs.

A total of 5.8 million the amount of EUR was distributed to the municipalities of Avižienii, Zujūnai, Riešė, Nemėžio, Mickūnai, Sudervė, Bezdonii, Šatrininkai, Pagiria and Rudamina in proportion to the contributions collected in their territories. in 2024 the funds allocated in previous years, but not used, will also be used for the planned works.

This fee applies to natural and legal persons designing and planning the construction of new buildings or the reconstruction of existing ones, increasing their total (internal) area. Collected contributions according to the Municipal Infrastructure Development Law can only be used for the social and engineering development of municipal infrastructure: the construction of kindergartens, schools, the design, construction and installation of local roads and streets management and communal facilities.

In the territory of the municipality, there are 7 groups of wards, where different municipal infrastructure development contribution rates are applied, from 10 to 50 euros/sq.m. m., taking into account the current level of infrastructure development, the most intensively urbanized territories and the predicted need for funds to equip new objects with this infrastructure.

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