Unedited photos of Madonna have caused a scandal: it reveals the ugly truth about how we view women aged 60+

Unedited photos of Madonna have caused a scandal: it reveals the ugly truth about how we view women aged 60+
Unedited photos of Madonna have caused a scandal: it reveals the ugly truth about how we view women aged 60+

After the photos appeared in the tabloids, journalists commented on the drastic change in her physical appearance.

The truth is that Madonna has been fighting aging for decades through a variety of means – and it’s no surprise. She posts regularly on Instagram, but rarely escapes ridicule. In almost every Instagram post that shows a clear image of her face, concerned fans ask why she feels the need to use filters and Photoshop. “Why does she act like it’s normal to edit her photos so often?”, “It looks really weird”, “Why Photoshop?” – these and similar comments are directed at Madonna.

Fans of Madonna say that she looks like a teenager. “Who is this 17-year-old girl?” and “What have you done to Madonna?” are just a few of the comments Madonna receives for her extensive photo editing.

Her comment sections have seen fans warring against each other over her looks. Their opinions are split between “she’s allowed to do what she wants” and “she shouldn’t feel the need to do it.” Often vilified for her overt sexuality and refusal to conform to society’s expectations, Madonna doesn’t seem to have the right to embrace old age or age the way she wants to.

Last year, 46-year-old rapper 50 Cent mocked a photo Madonna posted of her lying on a bed and showing off her legs. “LOL. Madonna in bed trying to act like a virgin at 63. LMFAO,” he wrote.

50 Cent probably had no idea what it was like to be hit with such cruel comments. And while he received a lot of backlash from Madonna and her friends, his comments reflect a wider culture of woman-shaming and denying the rights of women of a certain age to their sexuality.

Women in the public face a lot of pressure from society and as one Twitter user said, Madonna seems to be under a lot more pressure than other women. Referring to other women in pop culture who are much older and just as beloved, he writes, “I just wondered why Madonna’s 64 is so much more offensive to people than another artist’s 75 or 82.”

Women like Dolly Parton and Cher, both older than Madonna, don’t seem to get as much criticism as a pop singer. Maybe because they have aged in a way that for some reason is considered acceptable.

in 2016 Billboard Women in Music Awards award winner Woman of the year title, Madonna gave a speech in which she talked about her struggles with all of the above, and especially emphasized her age. “And finally, don’t get old,” she said at the end of her speech. “For age is a sin. You will be criticized, slandered, nobody will really flatter you.”

Over the years, she has often spoken about how she was treated unfairly because of her aging, as well as because of her insistence on staying popular. “People say I’m controversial,” she said in her speech. “But I think the most controversial thing I’ve ever done is stand up for my beliefs.”

At the end of the day, Madonna will likely continue to do whatever she wants without letting anyone slow her down.

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