Lithuania on April 3 – AINA

Lithuania on April 3 – AINA
Lithuania on April 3 – AINA

Lithuania on April 3, reminds ELTA:

in 1889 Writer and diplomat Ignas Šeinius (actually Jurkūnas) was born in Šeiniūnai, Širvintos district. Died in 1959 in Stockholm (Sweden).

in 1908 Lithuanian Catholic Women’s Association was established, which took care of girls’ education, the press, welfare, which existed intermittently until 1940.

in 1919 the Central Army Veterinary Hospital was established under the Military Veterinary Board.

in 1987 the Lithuanian Culture Fund was established.

in 1990 The Supreme Council-Restorative Seimas instructed the Council of Ministers to establish the Department of National Defense.

in 2003 from the Seimas Palace, the Eurobus – a “center on wheels” for information about the European Union, which visited 20 cities of the country, was escorted on a trip around Lithuania.

in 2004 For the first time after regaining independence, the celebration of the beginning of navigation in Nemunas was held in Kaunas again.

in 2007 At the Lithuanian University of Agriculture, the regalia of an honorary doctorate was presented to the then Minister of Agriculture Kazimiras Prunskiene.

in 2008 Klaipėda drama theater actor Vytautas Paukštei was awarded the title of honorary citizen of Klaipėda city.

in 2013 poet, publicist, public figure professor Tomas Venclova was awarded the title of honorary citizen of the city of Vilnius for his services to Vilnius and Lithuania.

in 2013 Turkish President Abdullah Gul visited Lithuania.

in 2015 after a serious illness, at the age of 72, a participant in the Freedom Struggle, a signatory of the Act of Independence, Algirdas Vaclovas Patackas died.

in 2020 Ksavera Vaištarienė, doctor of chemical sciences, assistant professor, specialist in healthy nutrition and lifestyle, author of books on balanced nutrition, active lifestyle and well-being, died at the age of 88.

Some of the events of April 3 in different years were recalled by ELTA.

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