Presentation of the literary and cultural almanac “Baltija” 2023

Presentation of the literary and cultural almanac “Baltija” 2023
Presentation of the literary and cultural almanac “Baltija” 2023

Thursday, April 4, 5:30 p.m. we invite you to the presentation of the literary and cultural almanac “Baltija” 2023 participating in the competition “Klaipėda Book 2023” and a meeting with the authors and organizers, which will take place in the Art Department of the Imanuelis Kant Public Library of Klaipėda City Municipality (J. Janonio str. 9). Nijolė Kepenienė, Sondra Simanaitienė, Julija Baranova, Adomas Skiezgelas, Diana Latvė, Rita Kairienė and others will participate.

The literature and culture almanac “Baltija” is a publication jointly prepared by the Klaipėda branch of Lithuanian writers and the publishing house “Druka”. Started to be published in 1984, the almanac from the very beginning represented current events and processes of the cultural and social life of the city of Klaipėda in the current year, which are important both for the self-concept of the seaside community and for rethinking the third largest Lithuanian city’s cultural and intellectual contribution to the general culture of Lithuania. The content of the almanac is focused on the presentation of professional art in Klaipėda and the coastal region, on strengthening communities and on the search for young promising authors who, after publishing texts on the pages of the almanac “Baltija”, gain confidence for further work.

in 2023 The mood of “Baltijas” is created by the photographs of Raimundos Urbonas (1963-1999), accompanied by an article by art critic Danguolė Ruškienė about the life and work of the talented author who died tragically.

You will discover such names as Arvydas Juozaitis (essay “Writer and life”), Evelina Zenkutė about the repertoire of the Klaipėda Drama Theater in the past few years, Kristina Jokubavičienė about the work of the graphic designer Augustinas Virgilijaus Burba, Nida Gaidauskienė presenting the work of her literary critic Marijaus Šidlauskas in the field of literary criticism, Aušra Kavaliauskienė continues the ethnographic research of Lithuanians. Attention is paid to the personalities of Sigitas Benetis, Ben Šarka, Daiva Kšanienė, Algirdas Bos, Vytautas Čep, Clandestino, their activities and creativity.

Next to the names of already well-known writers – Nijolė Kepenienė, Juozo Šikšnelis, Rita Latvėnaitė-Kairienė, Algis Kuklis, Jūratė Sučylaitė, Valdos Aušra, Neringa Abrutytė and others, interesting creative openings – Ramutė Mcmendez, Birutė Skaisgirienė, Arūnas Marčauskas, Kristina Sadauskienė, Mindaugas Urbonas , Dominykas Matulionis and others.
in 2023 the pages of the almanac present Klaipėda masters of culture – art critic Petras Šmitas with a bright memory, museologist Olga Žalienė and director and actor Valentinas Masalskis.

In search of a self-critical approach, 2023 In “Baltia” we present a portrait of a Klaipėda citizen, which Valdas Jencius interprets in his own way.
Anyone who loves Klaipėda or wants to understand how people live in this city can pick up “Baltija” and discover at least one topic or at least one author who will like it and provide an experience with informative and emotional content.

This book claims to become the most popular “Klaipėda Book 2023”. You can vote for books on the website or in the “Kauno atžalyno” department (Kauno st. 49, Klaipėda), where all the books participating in the competition are exhibited.

Photographs and/or video will be taken at the event for informational purposes.

The article is in Lithuanian

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