Although heat records are being broken in Lithuania, there are no plans to stop the heating season

Although heat records are being broken in Lithuania, there are no plans to stop the heating season
Although heat records are being broken in Lithuania, there are no plans to stop the heating season

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After the weather in Lithuania warmed up to 25 degrees during the Easter weekend, the people of Vilnius continue to enjoy the warmth and are surprised that the central heating is still working at home. Many citizens demand the end of the heating season:

“Could turn it off already.”

“It’s time to turn it off, it’s warm.” Why heat when it’s warm?

“Shut up, shut up, yeah yeah.”

“It’s enough to warm up. I live in such a building, it’s normal for me.”

However, there are also those who are still afraid of the cooling of the weather:

“There will be 2-7 degrees of heat, it will be cold again.”

“It’s hot now, but it’s possible that there will be more, 0- +5. Another 10-15 days are needed.”

“If there’s more snow, we’ll probably have to turn it back on.”

The heat record was broken

Forecasters barely managed to set new heat records for the past three days. As a very warm air mass flowed in from North Africa, on March 31, meteorologists recorded the highest air temperature in March at almost all the main meteorological stations in Lithuania. Well, the warmest was in Druskininkai – on Saturday the temperature rose to 22.4 degrees, and on Sunday to 25.5 degrees. The half-century old record was exceeded by almost 4 degrees.

“There were records almost all over the country. March 31 all weather stations broke daily records, an absolute record was reached on March 31. record. And if I’m not mistaken, the record of March was improved, when the temperature reached 25.5 degrees Celsius,” says forecaster Simona Dalinkevičiūtė.

However, neither the warm weather, nor the calls of the townspeople to stop heating their homes, municipal managers and heat supply companies – not at all. They are not preparing for the end of the heating season yet, because in the next few days, if the wind blows from the West, we may get drizzle, the weather may cool down to -1 degrees at night, and not reach 10 degrees during the day.

Do not rush to complete the heating

“First of all, we monitor the weather. There was a warming during the holidays, we talked about when the heating could end, but we are in no hurry to finish the heating with the first burst of heat,” says Rūta Jasiulionienė, representative of Vilnius šilumos netkliks.

“The 3-day average is over 10 degrees, which is how we should be done, but looking ahead, seeing the forecast for a cold snap, we don’t plan to be done yet.” In a couple of weeks there should be warming again, I think that during that period we should consider the end of the heating season”, says Andrius Žukas, director of Klaipėda municipality administration.

Prices will be lower

“Spring is early, but the weather is changeable, it’s warm, it’s cold. Therefore, we have made a decision to take our time and monitor the weather forecast. In the near future, there will be no washing at the end of the heating season”, says Šiauliai municipality representative Eglė Bružienė.

Although the forecasters promise that the temperature will return to 20 degrees at the weekend, the municipalities are not in a hurry to promise the end of the heating season and will wait for the warm weather to settle down. By the way, this month the heat suppliers even reduced the price of heat by a fifth, so they are trying to reassure that the bills for the heat provided in April will be much lower than in March.

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