Everything you need to know about transporting dangerous goods by land

Everything you need to know about transporting dangerous goods by land
Everything you need to know about transporting dangerous goods by land

Classification of dangerous goods

In order to facilitate the handling of dangerous goods, codes, symbols and identification plates have been created for this type of goods. This makes it easier for authorities to identify the product and act accordingly in the event of an accident. There are nine classes in total, and some have subcategories.

Explosives – Class 1;

Gases – flammable, non-flammable and toxic – class 2;

Flammable liquids – class 3;

Combustible solids – class 4;

Oxidizers – class 5;

Toxic and infectious substances – class 6;

Radioactive substances – class 7;

Eheating materials – class 8;

Other dangerous substances – class 9;

Reagents with water – class X.

Security panels are used to signal these items, which are orange rectangles with a UN number and a risk number. The UN number is a four-digit number affixed to the bottom of the panel to help identify the material.

Transportation of dangerous goods

Without a driver we requireuh courseuh and caution with packaging, such for cargo transportation additional documents are required.

vehicle documents with the necessary licenses for dangerous

to transport cargo;

the cargo declaration issued by the sender, which contains all the transported goods


a printed emergency manual outlining what safety procedures to follow

are specified;

A document proving the completion of the dangerous goods transport driver’s course;

vehicle technical inspection document;

other required declarations, authorizations and licenses.

Therefore, we can conclude that the categories of transportation of dangerous goods are different and each product has different characteristics. This service requires a lot of care and technique, so it is necessary to choose a carrier that understands the importance of the service and knows how to manage it.

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