German, French and Polish ministers urge the continent to arm itself

German, French and Polish ministers urge the continent to arm itself
German, French and Polish ministers urge the continent to arm itself

Permanent armaments require binding long-term contracts with clear timetables, “some ambition”, strong financial commitments and purchase guarantees from European governments. 2 percent gross domestic product (GDP) defense spending could be “just a starting point,” he said.

On the occasion of NATO’s 75th anniversary, the foreign ministers of the so-called Weimar Triangle went on to write: “For a long time, the United States has shouldered a greater burden than the rest of our Alliance. But collective defense is our joint effort.” Against this background, European defense must be strengthened, and this will contribute to transatlantic security. In the year of the US election, many NATO countries fear that the military superpower may turn away from its commitments to the Alliance in the event of a Donald Trump victory.

With Russian President Vladimir Putin and his war in Ukraine in mind, the ministers confirmed that NATO must continue to emphasize clearly: “For Europe to live in peace, Russian imperialism must be stopped.” Gray areas and concessions would be “naive” for V. Putin, the Kremlin leader would treat it only as an invitation to act aggressively and use military force.

The foreign ministers of the NATO countries will discuss preparations for the upcoming Alliance summit at a meeting in Brussels on Wednesday. A lot of attention will be paid to the question of how to further strengthen support for Russia’s attack on Ukraine. According to diplomats, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg has made several proposals. They foresee, among other things, that in the future the NATO mission will take over the coordination of arms supply and training activities of Ukrainian soldiers.

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