Gedvilas, who left the Labor Party, has no plans to withdraw from the faction yet

Gedvilas, who left the Labor Party, has no plans to withdraw from the faction yet
Gedvilas, who left the Labor Party, has no plans to withdraw from the faction yet

“Since I am also responsible to my constituents, I never recall decisions spontaneously, if I can. Therefore, it is likely that in this matter as well, if I take any step, it will only be after careful consideration, consultation and evaluation of all pros and cons”, said A. Gedvilas.

“In any case, the work of the faction is organized through the elder of the faction, so in practice it is not necessary to link your membership in the party with work in the faction. Especially since there are at least a few people who do not belong to the party in our faction,” he added.

The politician emphasized that the most important criterion for him is not which faction he is in, but whether he can act freely in it. A. Gedvilas hopes that disagreements with A. Mazuronis will not interfere with his work in the parliamentary group.

“It’s actually much more important to me not who I’m in the same faction with, but how I can freely act in it, implement my ideas, achieve some goals,” said A. Gedvilas.

“From the way we previously worked in the faction, the party chairman neither forms opinions nor clearly dominates in any other way, so I do not rule out the possibility that this work format will continue. If everything will be like this, then apparently it will be possible to work”, stressed the politician.

For his part, the Chairman of the Labor Party, A. Mazuronis, emphasizes that he does not yet know about the further fate of A. Gedvilas in the faction. According to him, A. Gedvil himself should make a decision about his future.

“To be honest, I have more important things to be interested in than this gentleman’s political perspectives, twists, and delusions.” Here he could perhaps answer himself how he imagines that process and what he would think would be honorable behavior in this situation,” he said.

ELTA reminds that A. Mazuronis confirmed on Friday that MP A. Gedvilas is withdrawing from the opposition Labor Party. Although A. Mazuronis himself did not name the reasons for A. Gedvilas’ departure, nevertheless, in a letter addressed to party members distributed on Thursday and obtained by, the vice-chairman of the Labor Party mentioned an audio recording, which probably caused the politician and the party to part ways. A. Gedvilas was outraged by the fact that the new party leader spoke badly about him, not even to his party colleagues, but to his competitors. A. Mazuronis himself is not inclined to comment on this information.

According to the politician, signs that A. Gedvilas intends to withdraw from the party have already been seen before. However, A. Mazuronis said he did not want to comment on the situation in public.

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