Ch.Sonnen: “The Japanese pay Floyd 8 million. US dollars and provides a battle script to follow”

Ch.Sonnen: “The Japanese pay Floyd 8 million. US dollars and provides a battle script to follow”
Ch.Sonnen: “The Japanese pay Floyd 8 million. US dollars and provides a battle script to follow”

The Rizin organization has prepared a non-standard Super Rizin tournament this weekend, which will be crowned by boxing legends Floyd Mayweather performance The 45-year-old veteran will test his strength against a 30-year-old Japanese in an exhibition boxing match Mikuru Asakura. Japan usually fights under MMA rules, and in 2020 participated in Rizin’s title fight, which he lost. He has no boxing experience.

F. Mayweather explains that he will receive up to 20 million for a 9-minute fight. US dollars, but a former MMA fighter Chael Sonnen claims that the boxing legend somewhat “inflates” the actual numbers.

“Floyd says he will get 20 million for this show. US dollars. I don’t even know what to call what will happen in the ring, but he will earn 8 million for that boxing imitation. US dollars. Yes, 20 is a nice number, but it is not realistic. When Floyd said he would make $20 million. US dollars, I realized that I must share with you the information that corresponds to the reality. I know he will make 8 million.

Floyd explains that he will go to the ring, have a good time, simulate some kind of fight and make millions. It annoys me a bit. Fighting is not fun. There are no more fighters in the world who can come into the ring in their fifties, put on a scripted showcase and make millions. Everything there will go according to the script. Floyd is told where and when what will fall.

After this show, Floyd will be able to go to Dubai again and earn millions there again in absurd fights. Maybe in Dubai he really fights, only there he is given a tramp to his rivals. Floyd has already fought once in an exhibition fight in Japan. Then he read the script, took 8 million. US dollars and flew away. Now he will read the scripts again and take the same number of millions”, Ch. Sonnen explained.

F. Mayweather’s peer Ch. Sonnen continued his career in combat sports for a long time and retired only in 2019. After retiring from combat sports, he began to devote all his attention to the work of an expert and has not had exhibition fights since then.

Mr. Sonnen recently received good news from the court. He was dropped 2 more charges, so there were only 4. It is said that at the very end of last year, Mr. Sonnen beat one of the hotel guests, whose wife started screaming during the fight, and one of the passers-by, hearing the scream, called the police. The officers handcuffed Mr. Sonnen and took him out of the hotel, but did not put him in custody. According to the police, a total of 5 people were injured by the American. He was initially charged with 11 charges, but later that number began to dwindle.

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