The “Rammstein” concert in Vilnius sparked the imagination of fraudsters: they even climbed a construction crane

The “Rammstein” concert in Vilnius sparked the imagination of fraudsters: they even climbed a construction crane
The “Rammstein” concert in Vilnius sparked the imagination of fraudsters: they even climbed a construction crane

Not everyone was lucky enough to attend the May 22 concert of the German industrial metal band “Rammstein” in Vingios Park, as it was already announced last December that all tickets for this concert were sold out. Therefore, on the day of the concert, some people listened to the band’s performance outside Vingis Park, sitting on various benches or lying in the meadow.

Two young men were even placed in the boom of a construction crane located on the territory of a house under construction near the Television Tower. Stunned by such a video, the residents of the microdistrict informed the police officers about the guys risking their lives, so they had to leave this free VIP place.

Lithuanians, who decided to buy resold tickets online, did not get to the concert either. As the concert approached, advertisements offering to purchase tickets to the aforementioned band’s performance appeared in the Facebook groups “Cheaper tickets to events” and “Rammstein Lietuva” on the social network. Prices ranged from 65 to 120 euros. Since the desire to enter this event was huge, some took the risk to take advantage of these offers.

A 22-year-old guy living in Joniškis was also seduced by such an offer. After agreeing on the price by e-mail, he transferred 178 euros for two tickets to the specified bank account of the seller and received the tickets. After some time, the resident of Ionia received a message that another 22 euros had to be paid for the repersonalization of the tickets. The guy also transferred this amount to the seller. On the eve of the concert, the resident of Ionia decided to check the authenticity of the tickets. After sending them by e-mail to, I received a reply that the tickets were invalid. Thus, his prudence saved the boy from even greater losses – a trip to Vilnius.

However, there were also those who came to Vingis Park from the farthest corners of Lithuania, but never made it to the concert, because the barcodes on the tickets were inactive, they did not belong to the tickets for this event at all.

There were also other options. As soon as the money was deposited into the specified account, the seller blocked the buyer’s Facebook profile or deactivated his profile without sending any ticket, even a forged one.

Sometimes the seller led the buyer by the nose until the last minute, assuring that everything was fine with the tickets, and would soon send personalized tickets to his e-mail, and he confirmed this with falsified screenshots from his correspondence with

A total of 32 “Rammstein” fans cheated by fraudsters contacted the police in Lithuania in May. Most of the victims are Vilnius residents.

German band “Rammstein” concert in Vingios Park (34 photo)

“Rammstein” fans gather for a concert in Vingios Park in Vilnius (61 photo)

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