Selection of the European Women’s Handball Championship: Lithuania – Spain 16:24 (2nd half, LIVE)

Selection of the European Women’s Handball Championship: Lithuania – Spain 16:24 (2nd half, LIVE)
Selection of the European Women’s Handball Championship: Lithuania – Spain 16:24 (2nd half, LIVE)

The Lithuanian women’s handball team continues in 2024. European Championship qualifying tournament. Lithuanian women’s handball players will host the powerful Spanish national team in the fifth round match in Vilnius, at the “Avia Solutions Group” arena. The course of the match from 7 p.m. you will be able to follow in the portal.

Lithuanian women’s handball players won one victory in 4 matches at the European Championship qualifying tournament and are in third place in the 5th group with 2 points. The two best teams in the groups and the four best third-placed teams in the groups will enter the European Championship. When determining the best third-placed teams, only their results against the first two national teams will be counted.

The future opponents of Lithuania, the Spanish women, won all four victories and already secured a ticket to the European Championship. Second-placed Macedonians have 4 points and if they beat the outsider Azerbaijan on Wednesday, they will also secure a place in the European Championship.

Lithuanian handball players started the selection tournament with a painful defeat in Spain 14:47. In the second match in Vilnius, the Lithuanians won after a hard fight 28:31 lost to the Macedonians. Later, the Lithuanians exchanged victories with the Azerbaijan national team 33:35 guests and 41:26 In Vilnius. The rematch with a bigger margin allowed the Lithuanian national team to rise to third place.

Lithuanians will finish the selection on April 7. away match with the national team of North Macedonia.

At least one point won this week would bring the Lithuanian national team very close to the final stage of the European Championship, where Lithuanian women’s handball players have not played since 1996.

Composition of the Lithuanian national team:

Goalkeepers: Evita Žilionytė, Kotryna Vasiliauskaitė (both Vilnius RSK “Eglė”) and Saulė Česnulevičiūtė (Kaunos district “Cascada-HC Garliava”).

Left wings: Dominyka Andronik (Vilnius SM “Sostinės tauras”) and Martyna Vaitkutė (Cascada-HC Garliava).

Left halves: Aušra Arciševskaja (Banik Most, Czech Republic) and Gabija Pilikauskaitė (Capital Tour).

Offensive players: Greta Makovskytė (Eglė) and Inesa Verbovik (Capital Tour).

Line players: Rita Rakauskienė (Eglė), Singrida Kulikovaitė (Sostinės tauras) and Greta Burkaitė (Cascada-HC Garliava).

Right halves: Vakāre Damulevičiūtė (Bad Wildungen Vipers, Germany), Agnė Gudlinkytė (Žalgiris Kaunas) and Austėja Rimkutė (Eglė).

Right sides: Beatriče Ruseckaitė (Eglė) and Samanta Dunkulytė (Žalgiris).

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