the prosecutor has already submitted a proposal for fines

the prosecutor has already submitted a proposal for fines
the prosecutor has already submitted a proposal for fines

The pre-trial investigation was organized and led by Paulius Andruškevičius, the prosecutor of the Criminal Prosecution Department of the Šiauliai County Prosecutor’s Office, and the investigation was conducted by the officers of the Criminal Department of the Financial Crimes Investigation Service (hereinafter – FNTT) of the Šiauliai County Board.

According to the pre-trial investigation, over the course of more than a year, the aforementioned company, engaged in the production and sale of wellness equipment, paid its employees almost 100 thousand euros in wages not specified in the financial accounting and sold products for more than 250 thousand euros without accounting documents.

Prosecutor P. Andruškevičius pointed out that the FNTT officials managed to collect enough data in just over 9 months to justify the guilt of legal entities and natural persons for committing serious intentional crimes and to ensure compensation for the large property damage caused to the state. During the investigation, more than 30 persons were interviewed, searches were conducted, the economic and financial activities of the company were investigated, the legality of the assets owned by the defendants was assessed, etc.

For these crimes, the Criminal Code provides for a fine or imprisonment for up to 8 years. The prosecutor noted that he is asking the court to impose fines on the defendants, rather than imprisonment, taking into account the fact that during the pre-trial investigation, all persons fully confessed to having committed crimes, sincerely regretted it, and compensated the state for the damage of more than 100 thousand euros in calculated taxes.

The prosecutor proposes to impose fines of more than 110 thousand euros on all the defendants, because, according to the prosecutor’s belief, the fines must not be lower than the amount of property damage caused to the state.

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