Together with two world-class universities, KTU is launching doctoral studies in mathematics

Together with two world-class universities, KTU is launching doctoral studies in mathematics
Together with two world-class universities, KTU is launching doctoral studies in mathematics

On March 25 of this year, by order of the Minister of Education, Science and Sports of the Republic of Lithuania, Kaunas University of Technology (KTU), together with Charles University in Prague (Czech Republic) and Georg August Göttingen University (Germany), was granted the right to hold a doctorate in mathematics.

The goals of this doctoral program in mathematics are to significantly contribute both to the training of young Lithuanian mathematical scientists – strengthening the human potential, as well as to the development of mathematical science and its application to increase the competitiveness of the country’s industry, business and public sector, to improve the use of the available human potential of mathematical science.

World-class studies

Currently, there is an obvious shortage of highly qualified mathematicians, especially applied ones, across the EU. Thanks to the international cooperation, the new doctoral program will effectively achieve the high level of quality required by both business companies and scientific academies today.

One of the universities that make up this PhD program in mathematics is Georg August Göttingen, one of the oldest and most prestigious universities in Germany. According to Kęstutis Baltakis, vice-rector of Science at KTU, cooperation with this university is an invaluable experience for KTU, which contributes to the international prestige of KTU, scientific progress and academic growth of students.

“The city of Göttingen, with the exception of Stockholm, has the most people in Europe who have been awarded the most prestigious Nobel Prize in the world of science – as many as 47 of them are specifically related to Göttingen. Knowing the deep traditions of mathematics science at the University of Göttingen, from now on we will be able to offer extremely high level doctoral studies in mathematics in Kaunas as well. This doctoral program is important not only for KTU, but also for the entire scientific community of Lithuania, as it encourages research into new areas of mathematics, educates highly qualified specialists and contributes to the country’s image in the world of science,” says K. Baltakys.

According to the vice-rector of KTU Science, Charles University in Prague, which is known throughout Europe for its quality of science, will only further strengthen the studies of the new degree.

“The three universities together will be able to offer a much wider range of courses, conferences, projects and all kinds of cooperation than a single university, and it is very important for students who will choose the path of a scientist to have international experience.” We should also keep in mind the advantages of networking – students will be able to establish scientific cooperation, which will facilitate their academic career”, emphasizes K. Baltakys.

According to him, this doctoral degree is also a straight path to RND units that are increasingly being established in business.

There is a huge demand in the market

The new study program will explore various areas of mathematics: differential equations, financial mathematics, modeling of biomedical systems, etc. A wide choice of mathematical fields of study will allow students to construct their own mathematical doctoral studies that best suit their research interests.

According to Bronė Narkevičienė, dean of KTU’s Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences (MGMF), this doctoral program in mathematics prepared by three universities is unique for several reasons.

According to her, this is the only doctoral program in mathematics in Lithuania, which is run by foreign universities together with the University of Lithuania, and it is only the second doctoral program in Lithuania in which even two foreign universities participate in its implementation.

“Students in this mathematics PhD will have access to a wide range of study courses and projects, which will significantly enrich their academic and professional experience. It will also allow doctoral students not only to acquire new research skills, but also to establish valuable scientific contacts with colleagues from German and Czech universities. I have no doubt that this experience will not only broaden their academic horizons and pave the way for an academic career, but will also help them become extremely attractive to employers in the fields of business, industry and the public sector or create innovative and competitive businesses of their own,” says MGMF dean B. Narkevičienė.

According to the dean, today there is an extremely high demand for highly qualified specialists in this field in the labor market. Companies regularly look for mathematicians, because mathematical methods are essential in the optimization of business and production processes, in medical diagnostics and drug research solutions, and are also an excellent tool for increasing competitiveness and creating innovations in many areas of the economy.

The program is unique

Doctoral students studying at KTU MGMF will have the opportunity to collaborate and improve with contemporary outstanding scientific personalities, learn from mathematics professionals, and improve or acquire general competencies at doctoral summer schools in Lithuania and abroad.

“Without a doubt, persons who have completed doctoral studies and obtained a doctorate degree in mathematics will have a very wide choice of career paths and many opportunities to significantly contribute to the economic, scientific, and cultural strengthening of the country,” says B. Narkevičienė.

According to B. Narkevičienė, the doctoral degree in mathematics – fundamental science – is very important for KTU as a university of technology. According to her, international experts who assessed the quality of scientific research indicated that KTU MGMF researchers conduct high-level mathematical research.

“The very strong and motivated team of scientists working at the faculty, together with their colleagues from Göttingen’s Georg August University and Prague’s Charles University, have created a mathematics doctoral program characterized not only by a high scientific level, but also by internationality, interdisciplinary nature and the nature of scientific research, which is aimed at the scientific and economic growth of Lithuania. This, without a doubt, will bring great benefits to both young intellectuals and experienced scientists, to the development of mathematics and other scientific fields, and to the country’s economy and society,” the dean emphasized.

The report was published by: Mantas Lapinskas, Kaunas University of Technology

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