Lithuania supports M. Rutte’s candidacy for NATO Secretary General

Lithuania supports M. Rutte’s candidacy for NATO Secretary General
Lithuania supports M. Rutte’s candidacy for NATO Secretary General

“Lithuania supports Mr. Marko Rutte’s candidacy for the post of NATO Secretary General,” G. Nausėda told journalists at the press conference held at the Presidency on Tuesday evening after the bilateral meeting with Mr. Rutte.

The head of the country assured that Mr. Rutte is the right candidate to replace the current head of the Alliance, Jens Stoltenberg, because of his approach to Russian threats.

“I have known Mark for several years, and he was one of those politicians who recognized Russia’s threats very early, who adapted and changed his attitude towards Russia very much, and who is particularly sensitive and understands the threats to NATO’s eastern flank,” said G. Nausėda .

“It is very important that at this stage we have someone who understands that Russian threats are long-term, that Russian threats are manifested in many aspects – not only military, but also in the form of disinformation, cyber security, even organized and instrumentalized migration,” he explained.

When asked if he heard any promises from M. Rutte, what he would do after becoming the head of NATO, G. Nausėda assured that the Dutch Prime Minister “doesn’t need to promise anything”.

“There is no need to promise anything to the honorable candidate for secretary general, because today the Netherlands is doing a lot to ensure the security of the eastern flank,” said G. Nausėda.

“The Netherlands is actually today helping to implement what was written at the Vilnius summit, so to speak, on paper – a rotary air defense system. We must provide positive examples before the Washington summit that the rotary air defense system is not just a declaration,” he noted.

“In Lithuania, we do not believe in declarations or promises, but in real works,” added the head of the country

However, the president expressed his hope that the candidate for the NATO leadership will take a firm position regarding the financial obligations of the Alliance members for defense – in G. Nausėda’s opinion, in the current geopolitical conditions, 2 percent. from the gross domestic product (GDP) limit is not sufficient.

“We expect from the candidate for NATO Secretary General also a call and pressure on other NATO countries that have not reached 2% at the moment. gross domestic product defense spending level, do it as soon as possible and generally realize that 2 percent. in the current circumstances, even the “floor”, as a minimum limit, is too small and insufficiently adequate task in the current geopolitical situation”, noted G. Nausėda.

M. Rutte: We are trying to make Putin realize that he will not succeed in overcoming NATO’s borders

At that time, Mr. Rutte, who was named one of the most realistic candidates to replace Mr. Stoltenberg, assured that the Netherlands will continue to maintain the position that Moscow, which caused the war in Ukraine, must lose, and Kyiv must achieve victory. In addition, the Prime Minister noted, the Netherlands will continue its commitments related to the strengthening of the eastern flank of the Alliance.

“The Dutch position is not only to defend the eastern flank – it doesn’t matter who the secretary general is. In the eyes of the Netherlands, first of all, we seek the defeat of Russia and the victory of Ukraine. In our opinion, NATO’s eastern flank must be defended, and that is precisely why we contribute to many initiatives aimed at the defense of the eastern flank,” M. Rutte said during the press conference.

“We want Putin to realize that we are all united in NATO and the EU and he will not be able to overcome our borders in any way,” he emphasized.

ELTA reminds that Mr. Rutte seeks to replace Mr. Stoltenberg, who heads the NATO Alliance. In order to become the new Secretary General of NATO, the Prime Minister of the Netherlands must receive the approval of all member states. Mr Rutte has strong support from Britain, Germany and the US. But Budapest has said it will not support the Dutch prime minister, who has criticized the Hungarian government.

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