“Stellantis” welcomes the fifteenth brand to the concern: it will invest 1.5 billion euros

“Stellantis” welcomes the fifteenth brand to the concern: it will invest 1.5 billion euros
“Stellantis” welcomes the fifteenth brand to the concern: it will invest 1.5 billion euros

The production of small Fiats with gasoline engines will be discontinued, which is exactly what is produced in Poland, as a result of which the decision was made to produce Chinese Leapmotor cars. The Stellantis concern owns a controlling stake in Leapmotor.

As reported in the “Piko minutės” program of “Žinių radio”, Fiat will continue to be produced, but their production will be moved to Algeria, because the Fiat 500 with gasoline engines does not meet the new requirements of the European Union regarding the cyber security of cars, which is why they are on the European market won’t stay

Some time later, the current, electric Fiat 500, which is next-generation and meets the requirements of cyber security, is planned to have a petrol version, but for now, the production capacity is planned to be filled with the Chinese model.

Because production of the new generation Fiat 500 with a gasoline engine will not start until next year, it will be produced in Italy, not in Poland, and a large factory in Poland remains vacant.

The Poles will begin production of the Leapmotor T03 model. According to Reuters, it is an inexpensive, electric, small city car.

Still last year, Stellantis said it would help Leaf Motor expand its car sales to other countries beyond the Chinese market. Even then it was clear that the Chinese were targeting the European market, where the Stellantis concern has a huge network of sales showrooms.

This concern fully controls Leapmotor, as it owns 51%. shares, he also appoints the company manager and makes strategic decisions, in addition, the concern announced that it will invest one and a half billion euros in this Chinese company.

Basically, Leapmotor became the fifteenth car brand that belongs to the Stellantis concern.

The Leapmotor T03 is a small electric hatchback. It has been produced in China for three years. Last year, the Chinese bought over 35 thousand of these models.

These cars are already imported to France. Only there, this car is not sold, but rented for activities for 99 euros per month and without any deposit.

It is not yet clear how much the European version of this car will cost, but it is believed to be the biggest competitor to the Dacia Spring, so it looks like it will compete as one of the cheapest electric cars on the European market.

It is a small car, its length is just over 3.5 meters, and the electric motor drives the front wheels and has only 50 horse power. A fully charged battery can travel 200 km.

The cheapest version of this car in China costs just six thousand euros, and if you add just one thousand, you can also buy a version with 100 horsepower and a driving distance of 300 km.

However, for Europeans, more luxurious and better equipped cars will definitely be produced, which will cost twice or even three times more. It is believed that the price of a version that meets European standards should start at around 20 thousand euros.

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