an expert reveals the main tricks of fraudsters


A seasonal rush begins in auto repair shops and tire fitting workshops due to the massive change from winter tires to summer tires. In such circumstances, stories about how drivers are cheated by dishonest service workers are constantly appearing. Expert Adam Pocius revealed the main scammers’ tricks that you should pay attention to.

Horror stories about critical tire wear

One of the most common tricks is to cause drivers to panic about the condition of their tires. Unscrupulous technicians may claim that the tires are on the verge of critical wear and need to be replaced immediately, even if this is not true. You should ask for additional checks and approval before agreeing to replace the tires.

Worth knowing: In Europe, the minimum allowed tread depth for summer passenger car tires is 1.6 mm, for winter tires – 3 mm.

What does a worn tire look like?
What a worn tire looks like (new tire on the left, worn tire on the right)

Intrusive offer to buy cheap used tires

Another common scam is trying to sell old tires to a driver under the guise of new or better quality tires. Scammers may claim that these tires are cheap, but in reality they may have hidden defects or be unfit for use. Always check tire labeling and condition before purchasing.

Tire marking / Melga photo.
Tire marking / Melga photo.

Rim bending scam

Another common type of fraud is fraud about the condition of the rims. Mechanics may claim that rims are damaged or warped and need to be replaced, when in fact they may be in good condition. It is important to ask for an objective assessment of the condition of the rims and, if necessary, contact another specialist for a second opinion.

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