The Lithuanian woman who overcame the road to death: “You need to feel it”

The Lithuanian woman who overcame the road to death: “You need to feel it”
The Lithuanian woman who overcame the road to death: “You need to feel it”

On social networks, she shares with her followers stories from her last 2 years of travels in Mexico, Guatemala, Belize, Peru, Colombia, Bolivia and promises to tell about other countries she plans to explore in the near future.

With the readers of Western Express, Roza shares the story of how she managed to overcome the Jungas road, also known as the Death Road, in Bolivia.

“This kind of experience only happens once in a lifetime. And we decided to embark on this adventure spontaneously, the night before this memorable adventure. Completely unplanned.

At 8 in the morning, a small bus caught us from La Paz, the capital of Bolivia, where several more brave (or maybe crazy) foreigners were already sitting: a German couple, two French women, a Brazilian, and us – me, a Lithuanian, and my friend from Brazil.

An hour later, we arrived at the location from which a 60 km cycling journey awaited us on the so-called deadliest road in the world. We received helmets, special clothing, warm tea, a couple of snacks and after less than 5 minutes. instructions, we sat on our bikes and started thinking.

Strangely, it seemed as if a more serious briefing should have been conducted, after all, we were all sitting on mountain bikes for the first time and we were going to go down a rather dangerous route. But after all, this is South America, people are more relaxed and ignore too many rules.

So, we descended from 4,670 m above sea level, surrounded by snow-capped mountain peaks, to 900 m, sweltering and lush jungle. The images are unique and breathtaking.

By the way, this road is no more than 3.5 meters wide, and if you look down you can see endless cliffs of 650 meters. Experienced emotions are difficult to convey in photos, let alone describe in words. You have to feel it,” said Roza.

Roza Sifrin shares her travel routine in English on Instagram @roza_sifrin, and in Lithuanian on Facebook: @Roza Sifrin.

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